Search Engine Optimization for Lawyers

search engine optimization for lawyers

No business today can really grow and sustain in time without digital marketing. Not in 2019. It is practically the only way to make a real difference no matter your industry. And among all the possible niches on the internet, search engine optimization for lawyers has a special set of particularities that are worth highlighting. And if we refine our analysis we will realize that it shares many challenges with most local and small businesses.

Just like any other business, law firms cannot ignore SEO services. Most lawyers and attorneys tend to rely heavily on word of mouth; and it’s amazing how many other industries still do. But the truth is all of them ignore the fact that the internet has become a huge determining factor in people’s decisions. Nowadays, an advice from a friend or relative is as reliable as a review on Google or Yelp.

So if someone needs the services of a local lawyer, it is very probable they will run to Google and try to find one within his or her area. In fact, for more people this is faster than calling a friend and family and ask for recommendations. So having an online presence as a law firm is the only way to make yourself available for those prospective clients that might be looking for services like yours. 

search engine optimization for lawyers

Why Search Engine Optimization for Lawyers? 

Being original and going against the flow is always an attractive idea. But when you run a business, you also need to stick to what is proven to work. So lawyers need to embrace SEO for a very simple reason: everyone else does. Legal services are one of the most competitive industries in the USA. So if all your competitors are getting results with SEO services, doing the same won;t necessarily hurt you. Word of mouth and referrals still work. But if you think about it, people refer to a business more through a shared link than a business card. And if you don’t take proper care of your online presence, you will very likely lose your ranks in SERPs to those with a stronger investment in SEO. An efficient and continuing SEO strategy can make or break a legal office no matter how great its reputation is. SEO allows lawyers to target leads from several specific areas. Most prospects need services from a particular geographical area in general. This has a very simple logic: it allows them to meet the lawyer face to face. Every lawyer knows that people in need of their services are usually in emergency and going through a stressful time. So attorneys gain more business by just being available to reach in person quickly. Competent SEO services know this. So they will use specific geographic locations added to long tail keywords.

The “Near Me” in Local Searches

In recent times, keywords have been complemented with the addition of the “near me”, as well as the geographic locations we mentioned before. This is due to two main factors that are linked to each other:

  • The massive use of mobile devices and their geolocation capabilities, which allow searches on the fly.
  • The gigantic popularity of platforms like Yelp or Google my Business; both in stretch relationship with mobile use and geolocation.

This particular type of keywords affect not only the legal industry but all sorts of local businesses. According to Moz, if a business is not ranking in Google’s Top three results, its chances of ever being seen at all falls to about 8%. This is the basic trait of what is called local search engine optimization.

search engine optimization for lawyers

‘Near me’ keywords for legal services and their volume – Source: SEM Rush

For this reason law firms, as well as any other local business, need to optimize their local business listings. To do that, there are some basic bullet points to go through:

  • Listings need to feature the business name, address, opening hours, phone number, website and zipcode.
  • It needs to be added to the most important directories: Google, Bing, Yelp, Apple Maps, Facebook, Foursquare and Trip Advisor. 
  • If you list several locations, they need to have the exact same information in all the different directories, review sites and search engines.
  • Be as specific as possible about your business and your activity. The more information you provide and the more details you cover, the more your business will be perceived as a relevant source; and thus your ranks increase.
  • Add original photos of your location and staff.

Website Depot Inc. is Here to Help

Website Depot Inc. has more than 10 years of experience providing search engine optimization for lawyers and local businesses, helping them succeed with advanced SEO strategies. We are Premier Google Partners, which means we have first-hand updates and training from Google itself. Several law firms trust us to manage their search engine optimization, whether it is on-page SEO, SEO content, keyword research and more.