Search Engine Optimization for Labor Day 2019

search engine optimization

Labor Day is one of the holidays in the US that Americans are looking forward to. And if you are planning to have a big day sale on that day, it is best to implement some search engine optimization tricks. 

Search engine optimization must not only be used during holidays. Rather, your campaign must be throughout the year. Labor Day may not be Black Friday and Cyber Monday events. However, you can take advantage of this holiday to boost your profits by offering reasonable sales. 

search engine optimization

As a search engine optimization specialist, SEO Expert Danny can help in creating a campaign that can assist you in competing against other retailers for the said event. 

When preparing for this holiday, make sure that you prepare your team that involves in the sale. Know which products you want to push during that day and place them in front of your audience. From there, you can gear your SEO strategy to these products. 

It is also vital to meet with your PR teams to understand how it will leverage the site for the said event. When you have the products to promote, you should communicate with the web design team if it requires new pages. 

Content for the Event 

You do not need a new landing page every year. Rather, you should only create a sale landing page that can be around all year long. You can update this page for the date of your sale. It is also vital that you have content for your products. Add more details to them before Labor Day. You can write content about the best gifts for fathers on Labor Day or superior gift ideas for employees. For the key products and categories, increase the amount of information that appears on your pages. Crawlers will review your new content and help them rank higher. Don’t forget to implement customer reviews on your product pages. They, too, are useful in boosting ranking. When you update your content, make sure that it is for your shoppers and not for the crawlers. Your homepage should have the products on sale for shoppers to see. However, it is still vital that the content is keyword-rich. In that way, search engines spiders can easily crawl it. 

Have Different Gifts for a Variety of Budget 

Your shoppers will have different things in mind when shopping during Labor Day. They may want to buy a gift for their boss but must only be within $45-50. In that case, you can have a page that targets different budgets. 

Search Engine Optimization Tweaking 

Your techniques during this holiday may still be applied to other events. You must simply refine them to suit the event of a sale. But before you even provide a holiday sale, make sure that your eCommerce site is secure and that it is mobile-friendly. These two elements are vital to your success when having the event of a sale. Do you need a specific search engine optimization strategy for your upcoming sale? Give us a call and we can customize your SEO campaign: (855) 605-7361