Search Engine Optimization for Ecommerce

search engine optimization in ecommerce

Are you operating an ecommerce website? Then SEO is one of the major aspects that you must consider. Search Engine Optimization is the primary ways for attracting traffic to your ecommerce website. However, with the many changes in SEO and with the vital nature of your ecommerce website to remain up and running, how do you get to go about the websites SEO? This is one of the primary questions that SEO experts and web owners are grappling with. However, here we will provide you with the appropriate and most important SEO for ecommerce.

The first item that you must consider for your ecommerce SEO is the use of keywords. While exact match keywords are gradually becoming obsolete, there is a way that you can use exact much keywords and get away with it. Keywords have been the primary search engine items that serve to rank websites. To take advantage of this, go for the names of products on offer on your website and use the names as keywords. You can also play along with the keywords to generate log tail keywords for example, if you are dealing with cars, you can use the brand name of a car and add other words for instance, cheap 2015 BMW 5 series. This long tail keyword will attract more traffic and relevant traffic for that matter because it’s clear it’s a BMW 5 series. This will reduce bounce rate and to further drive bounce rate lower, the pricing better be cheap.

The other effective SEO for ecommerce is to use reviews. This can be as part of the product page or a separate page that that acts like a blog for example. It is a fact that the majority of online buyers will want to first get a review of the product they are seeking to buy. Some of these will first scout for the product in local stores and after they have gotten a firsthand experience, then move over to an e-store to buy. Why not design to give them a review that is almost equivalent to the local store? The review then should be true and relevant and provide several product-viewing perspectives before they can click on the ‘add to cart’ button.



The other important aspect of ecommerce SEO is social media. Today, the majority of people are using social media and based on statistics, it is more likely for an online customer buy a product that they have been referred to by a friend through social media than that which they have stumbled upon on their own. By having a social media account is one of the ways to enable sharing and have a follower fun base that can do the advertising for you.

Lastly yet importantly, today the majority of shoppers are using the mobile device to penetrate the market. This is based on the fact that the mobile provides an on-the-go service. This means, when planning your ecommerce SEO, you must not ignore mobile marketing. This means your website has to be responsive and accommodate the various attributes of mobile display.