Search Engine Optimization by SEO Expert: The Use of Google Posts

Search Engine Optimization by SEO Expert

Are you trying to boost your local presence? If you are, then make sure to use Google Posts. Our search engine optimization by SEO expert service will teach you how to do it. 

Search Engine Optimization by SEO Expert 

Google Posts is a new tool. It enables local businesses to engage with their customers near them. Although it is still a new tool for most SEOs, it has been introduced in the middle of 2017. People utilize search engines to search for local information and know more about a certain business in the area. You may use Google My Business to spread the details in your local search. However, Google Posts is quite different. It provides you with a channel that helps you publish branded content on your GMP profile. The goal here is to expand your visibility in the local search. It also helps you engage new customers. Search Engine Optimization by SEO Expert

What are the Uses of Google Posts

Google Posts is your new tool in publishing short posts on your GMB page. The posts will show in local search. It will also show in Google Maps listing. Most individuals perform local inquiries and finding multiple businesses before opting for which one to deal with. There are different posts you can publish here. If you want to announce the latest news, you may choose a What’s New post. If you have a new event coming up, then an Event post is relevant. An Offer post is an offer that you wish to promote. It can be discounted products. Then, if you wish to highlight one particular product, the Product post is ideal.Keep in mind that Google posts will be live for seven days. After that, they are deleted automatically. But the Events posts will be live for 14 days. No matter how long the posts will be live, Google Posts can be a great tool for you to engage new customers. It also helps in establishing stronger relationships with your current or existing customers. Maximize this platform to help you announce new products and promote your special offers. 

Do Google Posts Influence Search Ranking

The goal of Google Posts is to increase engagement with new and existing clients. But there are no major ranking benefits to it. Rather, it allows you to genuinely interact with your potential customers or clients in your area. Even though it has only minor ranking benefits, you should still consider utilizing Google Posts to build your brand’s voice, especially in the local search. Beneficially interact with your customers. Furthermore, the posts will appear in the Knowledge Graph, which is one of the first things that people will see if they find your brand in Google Search. To make the most of Google Posts, make sure that you post regularly and ensure that you are using different post types. Then, be promotional about your post.If you are not sure how to maximize Google Posts, then allow our search engine optimization by SEO expert team to help you out. Give us a call today to find out more about the services we can offer to boost your local search ranking: +1 (213) 322-0770.