Search Engine Optimization by SEO Expert on the Matter SEO or PPC

search engine optimization by SEO Expert

The search engine optimization By SEO Expert Danny will help you dominate the market. But should you use SEO over PPC? Which one is better? These are common questions among our clients. 

PPC and SEO are two different things. 

search engine optimization by SEO Expert


SEO is all about organic traffic. Paid search cannot replace organic and SEO cannot replace paid traffic. In other words, PPC cannot replace SEO and vice versa. One of the strengths of PPC is that it can drive non-branded traffic to your site. It is beneficial if you need to present your brand to a person who knows nothing about it. Your ad shows up at the top search results page. When the users click it, they are redirected to your website to know more about what you have to offer. SEO can do it, of course. But it can be difficult to penetrate the top page. Your organic listing might even land on the middle of the page or some pages deeper. If you are looking for branded traffic, then SEO is the better option. That is, your users know your brand and they search for it. But such traffic can also be accomplished by PPC. For that reason, it is vital that you combine both. 

Is SEO Free 

Both SEO and PPC are not free. PPC requires you to pay each time a person clicks on your ad. However, you also have to pay a search engine optimization by SEO Expert service. Furthermore, you need to wait for the desired results and it takes time to finally get them. At SEO Expert Danny, we will audit your site and know your business first before recommending whether SEO is the right route for you or will PPC boost your brand. In some cases, we can recommend both. We have our search engine marketing to help you out if you wish to take the PPC route. However, it is vital to remember that PPC’s results are only short-term. They depend on your ads. That is, if you pull them out, people will not see your ad and they will not know your brand. In that case, if your goal is to get long-term results no matter how long it takes to get them, then SEO is your better choice. Indeed, it takes time to obtain the desired results through SEO. However, when the results are coming in, they will continue to help your business for a long period. Our SEO packages are customized based on your business needs. Once we have audited your site, we can recommend the kind of service that you must obtain. It starts with keyword research. We can work from there. When you choose our search engine optimization service, you are guaranteed to be hiring a trusted Google Partner. It means that you can be sure that we only adhere to Google’s Webmaster guidelines to avoid your site getting penalized. If you need custom search engine optimization by SEO expert service, contact us at (855) 605-7361. You may also use our Contact Us page to leave us a message.