Scenarios When You Should Have Hired an SEO Consultant

Scenarios When You Should Have Hired an SEO Consultant

Most people think you are supposed to hire an SEO Consultant when you first create your website, or when you want to scale things up, but this isn’t always the case. How and when you hire a consultant is up to you, but there are certain scenarios where hiring a consultant would be a good idea. Here are just a few examples of such scenarios.

After A SEO Company Used Black Hat SEO

You hired an SEO company in good faith. They made a bunch of promises and everything seemed to be going well. They were getting people to your website and you seemed to be climbing the search engine results. Then, you stopped paying the company and a week later your website drops several hundred search engine positions, and the traffic stops. 

This is because the SEO company was using black hat methods like paying for cheap backlinks and paying for traffic. That is how they were able to promise the results they were later on giving. At this point, you need to hire an SEO consultant to figure out what they did and how you can fix it. 

After a Ransomware Attack

Even if you completely deleted your website and reinstalled it, you need an SEO consultant to help you move forwards. You need to regain the ground you lost, and you need to fix up your website. You need help if it has been reinstalled, and you need help if the website has been recovered because you have no idea what information may have been deposited into your website. Even if your website is backed up daily and you simply reinstalled a current backup, you need to explore the ways the scammers are targeting you. Your website may be smeared all over the dark web or may simply feature in easy-to-attack lists.

After a Hate Campaign or Canceling

There are several ways a company can ruin its online reputation. There are many ways a small group of people can have you canceled off the Internet. If these sorts of things have happened to you, then you need an SEO consultant to help you recover. You may not be able to remove negative comments and reviews, but there are things you can do to push them back deeply. The great thing about negative reviews is that they are not maintained. There is no driving force keeping them at the top of the search engine results, whereas your website and its positive press can be maintained to keep it at the top of the search engine results. Over time, you can push your negative press off the first page of Google and replace it with positive comments, positive press, and positive reviews. You just need an SEO consultant to help you. 

After Your Current Efforts Failed

The sad fact is there is a lot of misinformation about SEO out there on the Internet, and a lot of people follow it. They follow it, they mess up their website quite a bit, and then they are stuck with a website that won’t rank up through the search engine results. If this happens to you, then get your ranking up with an SEO Consultant like SEO Expert Danny. Over time, you can repair the damage you did to your website and start climbing the search engine results organically.