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Sayan Chaga is a brand of medicinal products made with Siberian chaga mushroom. Sayan offers premium products made with this special mushroom, being tea their main output. All of these products are made only with chaga mushrooms brought from Siberia. Sayan Chaga has a very wide catalog, with more than 20 products on sale.

People have been using Siberian Chaga mushroom for centuries because it provides so many helpful benefits. Chaga is a powerful medicinal mushroom that supports good health.Sayan has been actively involved in developing new chaga-based products alongside with Russian biologists, Korean and Japanese scientists. For this reason, Sayan Chaga is a leading brand in their industry and needed a website at the height of their needs.

After the first contact with Sayan Chaga we concluded the company needed an intuitive Content Manager with a friendly interface for blog posting and easy manage of their product’s information. Taking these needs in consideration, Website Depot built Sayan Chaga website using WordPress as its main platform and Woocommerce, WordPress’ ecommerce plugin, to run their online store.