Reverse SEO Service To Hide Negative Search Results

reverse seo

reverse seo

Reverse SEO Service to hide negative search results

Negative content can severely damage a company’s reputation, particularly when that content is one of the first pages visible on search engine results. If you have not been able to get the comment or web page suppressed through Google and other search engines, then you may need to turn to other methods. One of the methods commonly chosen by businesses is the use of reverse SEO. This works by using the same principles as traditional search engine optimization but instead is used to focus upon dropping that negative comment further down the search engine rankings, and even on to the next page. You can do this using a number of tools.


Using blogs

One of the favorite methods of the company or service provider in order to get rid of negative search engine results is through the use of blogs. Blogging helps you to hide the content of the site under a large amount of fresh content of your own. By blogging on a regular basis, even more than once a day, your company or the SEO service provider can bury the negative content, so that it is pushed further and further away. By constantly providing fresh content, with back-links to your business website, you can keep knocking back negative comments and websites, preventing them from appearing on the first page.

Using articles

The same principle works for articles and notices such as press releases. When you include a number of relevant keywords into your pages, you can keep your negative remarks down to a lower level. Make sure that the information you write about is relevant to the business so that you don’t end up writing about the Tudors when you want to sell automobile parts. You could also allow another company to write this content for you so that they can target your keywords and help the search engines to find relevant content for your business.

Get positive reviews

If you are having trouble with a negative review that keeps bobbing to the surface of the front page, then you may need assistance from a positive review. Encourage your customers to write positive feedback by rewarding them with free samples, or with other benefits such as books, spa treatments, and so on. Once your customers start writing positive reviews on their own social media pages, you will be able to eliminate that negative content for good.