Required Attorney SEO Elements For Your Law Service Website

Attorney SEO
Some of the Attorney SEO website elements mentioned in this article may seem very simple at first glance, but dive deeper into the article and you will see how each of these seemingly simple website elements can differ dramatically depending on the type of law you practice and the types of customers you intend to attract.


Attorney SEO Web Content

This header is not meant to talk down to you. Of course, you know that a key element to your law service website is web content (written or multi-media) about law services. However, this element itself is not the tricky part, it is the content you add that is the issue.For example, let’s say that you are trying to sell law services that help people fight for better workers compensation. You may be tempted to add lots of content about how you have won cases, or how the process works, but this may be a big mistake. If you are looking for customers, you need to use your content to convert people.In the case of workers compensation, you need to remember that your reader is already hurt and already starting legal proceedings. Ergo, you need content about what to expect, what to do next, and what tricks the insurance adjuster will pull. Furthermore, not only must you provide this information, but you must also make the process seem very difficult to do alone so that the reader is informed, but also convinced to hire your services for fear of going it alone.


A Suitable User Experience

You need a good SEO company to help you create a suitable user experience for your business. User experience varies very wildly between different industries. For example, gaming websites needs understated promotions with highlights for deals and new content. On the other hand, a white goods store needs to be fairly simple with access to lots of technical details if required.Depending on the type of law services you offer, you need to provide an experience that suits the intended customer. It sounds like an obvious example, but if you are dealing with wrongful death cases, you would have a somber but hopeful website experience, and if you were selling legal services for suing restaurants, you may have a victorious and victim-cheering experience.The classic mistake is in thinking that a faster website or a prettier website means a better user experience. There are a few basics you should get right, such as being easy to navigate and so forth, but the real meat of the issue lies in your ability to give a user experience that matches and suits the services you are offering.


Signs of Authority

Don’t mistake these for any form of a trust-building element. They are the worst thing you can do for a law services website. Do not put badges on your law website claiming you give full refunds, or that you offer 100% satisfaction. Do not put testimonials or positive reviews on your website. Never add any of those “We were featured in …..” segments where you claim you were in Forbes,, etc. Do not add any sort of trust elements because those are what spammers use, and they cast you in a very poor light.Instead, show your authority by organic means. Give people straight answers to their questions. Demonstrate your knowledge on your website, while also offering very clear and concise answers. Do not talk down to people, but at the same time, do not try to sell to people. Give people the information about you, your services and your knowledge, in a respectful manner. Have respect for your viewer’s time and intelligence. These elements alone will demonstrate far more authority than any spammer could dream of.


Getting Your Website Correct

Your website SEO and how you structure your SEO campaign should be overseen by an SEO expert. At first glance, the information in this article seems to be very basic, until you dig into the subject and you realize that the seemingly simple things have nuances and facets that are otherwise unknown in the modern online environment.That is why you need an SEO service to help you create a suitable and effective SEO campaign. That is why you need the team at SEO Expert.  Guiding you through the process to ensure you create an effective website and SEO campaign. That campaign will help push, promote and further your brand and business goals.