Remarkably, There’s Still Time to Get Started with Digital Marketing 

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It’s never too late to begin digital marketing. 

No matter how long your business has been (or hasn’t been) around, you can start online marketing. 

For example, we’ve been doing SEO marketing for lawyers that have been around for decades but are just getting started with Google My Business. Consequently, we’ve helped rehabs that just opened to “hit the ground running.” 

If your business has been around for a while and you haven’t started digital marketing, you might think: “well, what’s the point?” 

(The obvious point is: “you could grow your business that much larger.”) 

But, there’s more to it than that. 

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Business Owners are Crying Out for the Right Kind of Digital Marketing 


I don’t use the words “crying out” lightly. 

Really, it only feels appropriate after reading this article from the E-Commerce Times. 

It’s an article about how “CEOs are Skeptical of Digital Marketing.” 

A survey finds that “59 percent (of CEOs surveyed) say that social media channels aren’t generating sales for their businesses.” Additionally, “62 percent of the CEOs believe that too much of marketing budgets (are) wasted on activities that don’t deliver meaningful results… While nearly as many – 60 percent – think that the marketing potential of social media has been exaggerated.” 

Those are big numbers, to say the least. 

The takeaway here is that while companies in any number of industries engage in digital marketing, they don’t engage in effective digital marketing. Instead, that digital marketing is ineffective if not actively off-putting. 

Now, clearly, there’s so much more to online marketing than just social media marketing. But, social media marketing, when working in concert with responsive web design, a solid content strategy, smart branding, and more, can all help a company to grow. 

That’s true whether they’re just getting started with online marketing or they’ve been burned in the past. 

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Overlooked Key to Online Marketing: Hiring the Right Kind of Firm 


Something that struck me as I read the above article was how it sounded so much like each of those CEOs went to a big digital marketing company. 

I don’t necessarily mean “big” as in successful, I mean “big” as in the digital marketing company itself is “big.” It has several employees, an enormous office, etc. 

Those kinds of traits can attract clients. It’s just human nature. 

But, it may not be beneficial to the client. 

I thought of that when I read this excellent article about how “Why You Should Hire a Smaller Digital Marketing Agency.” 

I agree with so much in the article. A key takeaway (as someone who works for a digital marketing agency with less than two hundred employees) is that the company will have the time to devote to you. 

A digital marketing agency with thousands of clients, no matter how well-intentioned, isn’t going to be able to give each of them the time and consideration they deserve. It’s just impossible. At that point, you’re paying for a name, not a service. 

Going with a company that’s a bit smaller yet very successful can help you to grow your business. That’s true whether you’re starting with digital marketing or not. 

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