Remakes, Sequels, and Remixes: Getting the Most From Your Content 

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More content for your business is good. 

That doesn’t mean that you want to just put out something that’s hastily thrown together. But, the more quality content that your business puts out in the world, the better off you’ll be. 

New content is also good. 

Building on your brand, your values, while letting people know about new actions that you’re taking is what so much of your marketing should be. 

That said, there’s a great way to get the most out of your content: look at what you already have. 

So-called “old” content may not really be old at all. 

Instead, it could just be utilized in a new format. 




If your business has been around for any length of time, then you probably have plenty of blog posts. Maybe you keep up with your blogging weekly or even daily. Or, alternatively, perhaps you wrote some blogs a while back but then just let it go. 

Both can help you to make great, new content right now. 

Go back and look at those old blogs. 

If you’re like most companies, you’ll feel one of two things: 


  1. Wow! This Old Blog Was Much Better Than I Remember 




  1. I Can’t Believe I Wrote This and Put It Online. This Is the Marketing Equivalent of Someone Getting One an Embarrassing Picture of Me as a Baby 


Either of these can help you to make great, new content today. 

If it’s the former, (that your blogs were better than you remember) that’s perfect! 

You can film yourself, or one of your workers, or pay someone with some experience reading it. Then, if you’re feeling particularly industrious, you can edit in some images or even video over it. 


You have new content that’s ready to go out to a new audience. 

You aren’t “repeating” anything, really, you’re just putting that content out in a new way. 

If it’s good content, it’s good content. 

If it’s good content that’s buried deep in your catalog of blogs, then it’s likely that newer, younger, potentially interested customers may not be aware of it. 

So, by filming it and getting it out there in a new format, you’re helping your company in multiple ways. 


If your old blogs don’t seem so hot today, that’s great, too. 

After all, if you feel that they’re lacking, you feel that way because you recognize what’s wrong with them. 

That means you know how to do them better today. 

So, you could write a new blog that builds on what the old ones did. Or, you could make a video that says what you wish you’d send then. 


Those are just a couple of options. 




I put “video” first because that’s a very popular format (plus, I myself have a performance background). 

That said, another great way that business owners can make “old” content even better is to make a graphic. 

Your business, no matter what it is, probably has statistics that showcase the best of your business. Perhaps there are numbers showing why your business is important, how it can help, and so forth. 

While a video may take a few minutes to get through, a graphic could say everything you need about your business right now. 

The cliche about “a picture says a thousand words” is a cliche for a reason: it’s more or less right. 

Taking old blog posts that ran a few hundred words and turning that info into eye-catching infographics is a great way to get the most out of everything that you already have. 


Keeping the Content Cycle Going 


The above are just a few ways to recycle the content that you have. You can use that to make new content daily. 

That doesn’t mean that you stop creating totally new stuff, but it does mean that you’re always aware of what showcases your company best. 

As ever, here at Website Depot, we can help. By putting together a marketing strategy for you, we can assist you in getting the most out of, well, everything. For more: (888) 477-9540.