How To Recover From The Effects Of Negative SEO?

How To Recover From The Effects Of Negative SEO

Perhaps, you have hired an SEO company that utilized black hat SEO tactics. As a result, your site is buried in the SERPs for the primary keywords. Buying links, for example, is one black hat SEO strategy that could cause your site to get penalized.

But, don’t worry. Your site can still recover.

How To Fight Back?

One of the first things that you must do is to identify those damaging backlinks. In this goal, you need a backlink checker tool. In here, you can identify those spammy links and request removal of your site’s link.

One approach you can have is to ask the website owner to remove it.

If you have several harmful links, you could use Google’s disavow process, which asks the search engine giant not to consider those links when its crawlers visit your site.

Another method is to report those links to Google with the use of its Spam Report Form.

Monitor Your Site’s Quality

Now that you have removed those harmful links, try to be more proactive in monitoring your site’s quality. Doing so will help you save time and money in the long run. When you regularly use backlink checker tool, you can monitor your site and discover negative SEO. With that in mind, you can stop its effects before they ruin your site’s ranking.

How To Recover From The Effects Of Negative SEO

You should also consider monitoring your site’s speed. Keep in mind that Google considers site’s speed as its ranking factor.

Then, set up an alert from Google Webmaster Tool. Although it will not notify you if someone uses negative SEO on your site, it does notify you some issues that can affect your site negatively. You will also know if Google’s crawler can’t access your site.

Meet Google’s Guidelines

The best way to protect your site is to make sure that it meets the strict guidelines of Google regarding design, quality, and technicality. These would include creating valuable content, providing authoritative post and making sure it is mobile-friendly.

On the other hand, if you are busy running your business, you might want to consider hiring an SEO expert to do it just for you. The expert can monitor your site’s rank, update your content, make improvements to increase your site’s ranking, and several others.

Your website is a valuable marketing tool. But you can only take advantage of its benefits if people can find and use it. To ensure that your target audience finds you, maintain a high-quality site that engages with your visitors.