Reclaim Your Name with Reputation Management

with Reputation Management
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Online, we learn how to protect ourselves at all costs. Whether it’s against identity theft, email hacks, being subjected to spam or malware infections. Countless virus software are being put into the market constantly to protect against new threats. However, one aspect many businesses fail to consider is the danger of a bad reputation. Many people like to think, “So what if I have bad reviews, they’re not true, they’re unfounded.” The problem is, if they’re not true, only you would know, but a typical customer browsing for a service has no idea. They only see what they see, making snap judgments about who to trust their money with. That’s why it is important to maintain your brand’s good name with Reputation Management.

Make a difference with Reputation Management

Though we all make mistakes from time to time, the worst thing that can happen is that it ends up online. Removing questionable content online is no easy task to say the least, with some elements of 100% removal being virtually impossible. 100′s of businesses in every city fall victim to poor reviews, thus causing many financial setbacks and sometimes closing the business all together. It’s an age old virtue to guard your reputation with your life.

We’ve had business come to us for reputation management services far into the problem, not only with one site, but an entire Google first page littered with links to 1 star reviews, and diatribes cursing said business. This is not a situation one can just shake it off, it’s a direct representation of the business, with something once held for critics and word of mouth now being a public forum closely attached to you company name.

Reputation Management and SEO

Like any problem, you’re biggest asset is prevention and protection. One must understand the vital importance of customer service, especially in today’s digital world. We’ve specialized in reputation management for years. The process is very difficult and involves extensive high end SEO. It focuses on bumping down all damaging websites, replacing them with positive ones. This can be difficult due to the reputable nature of the negative coverage. Websites such as Yelp and Rip-off report are high ranking websites. In the past, they have proven difficult to alter placement because of how trusted they are.

However, our specialists have helped even the most damaged names over the course of months with involved SEO and rebranding. Once the problem goes too you have no choice but to reclaim your name. So be careful, don’t let it get worse. An SEO specialist can help rebuild your company name over the course of months as opposed to years. Think of it like a disaster cleanup crew, returning everything to the way it was before the catastrophe.