Reassessing the Links in Your Site for Google’s Link Spam Update

Reassessing the Links

Search engine optimization involves a lot of links to boost rankings. However, you can’t just gather backlinks from anywhere. This strategy worked before. But with Google constantly updating its algorithm, you can’t just use old tricks to stay afloat. However, you don’t wait for Google to release an update. Instead, you need to monitor your site and your SEO strategy regularly to ensure it’s still working.

Evaluating Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy

In July, Google launched its new algorithm update known as link spam update. It rolled out to identify and nullify link spam. Because of this update, several links will get hit. However, you can avoid your site being hurt by this update if you only follow the white hat SEO practices. This is the reason our clients don’t bother every time Google releases an update. SEO Expert Danny only implements white hat tactics for your website.

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Guidelines for Links

To make sure that your site won’t get penalized by Google because of the links, you need to follow the tagging conventions. For instance, if the link is an affiliate, you need to add “rel=sponsored.’

Avoiding Penalty

There are many ways your site will get panelized because of the link spam update. But there are also several methods to avoid it. One of the things we implement to our clients’ websites is avoiding paying for links. They don’t need to do that because other site owners are linking to their sites because of the high-quality content they published.

Another way to get penalized is participating in link exchange. It used to work before. However, Google frowned upon this practice. But there are cases that this won’t hurt your site’s ranking. Then again, it should never be your main strategy.

How Can SEO Expert Danny Help?

If you have not hired us to handle your SEO, then you might be terrified by this update. However, if you decide to hire our team, we can clean up your backlink profile. Once the bad links are gone, we will build new links that are relevant to your site. Our SEO team has implemented successful several link-building techniques that boosted our clients’ websites’ rankings.

Site Audit

Before we can eliminate those bad links to meet the requirements of Google’s link spam update, we need to know what links are bad. The only way to do that is to complete a site audit. This will help us better understand the integrity of your site. From there, we will implement strategies that will guarantee search engines will index your pages.

After addressing all SEO issues, we’ll start to make on-page SEO changes to find out if the links are fully optimized. When updating the links, we’ll determine whether they resonate with the target audience. If not, they have to go.

Successful Optimization

There are several tactics that we can introduce to your site to ensure that your search engine optimization effort is successful. And we make sure that it meets the guidelines of Google’s link spam update. To find out more about what we can do to your website, make sure to call us here: (855) 605-7361.