Reasons You Need To Pay Attention To Search Trends

search trends
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Seasonality affects any type of business. It is one of the reasons many SEO experts, including Danny Star, recommends taking advantage of search trends. At Website Depot, we use Google Trends as one of the tools in helping us find content for our clients on a particular search inquiry.

Search trends tool is a useful method that can give you a look of when to foretell drops in search query volume. In that way, you can strategize to help you combat dips.

Google trends can be an excellent tool for capturing search trend data. But it is not the only tool you can use to find search trends.

Google Analytics is also a valuable tool in identifying search terms with high potential that you can use for your marketing campaigns online.

How To Leverage Search Trends For SEO Purposes?

Help You Bypass Keyword Unicorns

When finding the right topic for your next entry, make sure to check Google Trends first.  In this way, you can avoid creating content that no one will read.

Doing so will help you skirt writing content that obtained a huge spike in popularity before but has dropped off massively to a point that no one wants to know about it.

search trends

Ascertain Annual Trends

Seasonal trends are useful if you run out of ideas on what content to publish for your audience. Keep in mind that seasonality affects search volumes for some keywords.

If your business is dependent on a particular season, you can estimate its zeniths as well as its downs when you analyze the search queries in Google Trends.

The data you can gather can be used to create content that aligns with the peak. For instance, if are selling items related to tennis in Australia, you can put together a guide on how to watch the Australian Open and publish it in January. Australian Open happens in January. It is also the time when your potential customers are searching for Australian open and other related details.

Then, it is ideal that you optimize your relevant pages before the top season starts. For example, if you have published an entry about Australian Open before, you can optimize it further a few months before the peak starts. One way to do that is to begin a link building campaign. The boost in ranking may be small but it will expand when the peak search period starts.

Gain From Trending Topics

Google Trends is such a wonderful tool for you to find search queries that obtained a significant jump in popularity in the last 24 hours. As you view the historical data of such term, you can easily forecast whether or not such term or topic will rise or fall.

Do You Have Time To Check Google Trends?

Most website owners do not have time to do such a thing. That’s why they hire an SEO agency in Los Angeles, like Website Depot, to do it on their behalf. Our SEO team will look for trending topics that our clients can use for their next content.

Are you looking for ways on how to maximize Google Trends for your SEO results? Talk to our SEO experts at Website Depot today for a consultation: (888) 477-9540