Reasons Why Buying Backlinks is Probably the Dumbest Way to Waste Your Money

We at are not saying that buying backlinks is a bad idea. In fact, if you do it correctly, it can add a little warmth to your promotional and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts. However, the most common method for buying backlinks is so pointless that it is an absolute waste of money.

Let Us Start With The Second-Worst Case Example

You go to Backlink Bahir from Pakistan who claims he can have 500 articles written and posted on 500 different websites for a mere $2000. You snap up the chance because it seems like a great deal at only $4 per article/backlink.

He then proceeds to hire writing mills in his own country to produce content so terrible that it couldn’t pass for spun text. The reason it looks terrible is because they write it in their own language, and then use Google Translate to turn it into English.

search engine optimization

search engine optimization

Your backlinks are uploaded, you check them all out, and they are all there. Your website experiences a 3-week jump in web traffic, and then it stops. Not only does it stop, but your website traffic crawls to a halt.

You go back and look at where the backlinks were uploaded and 70% of them are missing, and the remaining are on websites that are full of ads, that are just plain awful, that have been hacked, that are full of spam comments, and/or that are dead in terms of traffic. You have completely wasted your money.

This is the Worst Case Example

You buy backlinks from what appears to be a mainstream company like or They offer to write articles for you and put them on websites with backlinks to your website. Their content is not great, but it is better written than the spun stuff from Asian content farms, and it goes on websites in Anglo-Saxon websites in developed countries.

You think you are getting a great deal, so you agree to buy backlinks at $80 each. However, after six months of buying, you have no more traffic than you normally would, and your search engine ranking is pretty-much the same place it would have been if you had been doing your own SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work.

Why is This the Worst-Case Scenario?

The answer is obvious, even the mainstream backlink sellers are easy for Google to spot, so it auto-ignores most of the articles that these websites put out. Plus, Google doesn’t prioritize backlinks like it used to.

The fact is that Google and Bing use big data to identify patterns. If there is no reason why these websites would suddenly start linking to you, then there is no need for Google or Bing to factor it into their ranking procedure.

On the other hand, if you had been stirring up support from a series of themed forums, and then suddenly you posted some news and they started re-posting it on the forums, then Google is going to sit up and take notice because the events are conducive/causative. Being randomly linked to be a series of websites is not rank-worthy, especially since they’re the same websites that suspiciously keep handing out backlinks almost as if they were operated by a backlink selling company!

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