Reasons eCommerce Sites Fail

Are you planning to put up an eCommerce business for your brand? If you are, then make sure that you avoid these common mistakes that most eCommerce sites make. Else, your site will suffer in the long run.

Use of Poor Quality Images

Shopping online is different from traditional shopping. That is, customers can’t pick up the product and look at it. Rather, they would read the product’s description and depend on the images. You’ll lose sales if you don’t provide high-quality photos or extensive description of the product.

Don’t just provide a single view of the product. Instead, publish photos that completely present your product from different views. And the description should be unique. In other words, you must attract your visitors by providing them with the best images and great product details.


Reasons eCommerce Sites Fail

Opt for a Complicated Checkout

When Amazon made its purchase process simple, a lot of eCommerce sites followed. That’s why more and more users want a simpler checkout. They don’t like having to take multiple steps just to place their order. It makes a frustrating experience for individuals. In other words, complicated checkout will only make customers give up and leave your site before they even complete the process.

That said, you must only offer a shorter checkout process. Avoid requiring them to register before they could check out. Instead, allow them to complete the process and give them the option to either register or save their shipping details at the end. Let them check out their items as a guest.

No Marketing Plan

Before you even set up a mobile eCommerce, make sure that you have already planned how you’re going to market your site and products. Without a strategy, you’ll fail. Make sure to map it out. And test it out. If it doesn’t work, modify it, until you find the best way to increase your ROI. Then, don’t forget to optimize your site for the search engine. Keep in mind that most online sales begin with a search.

When planning your marketing strategy, ensure that you include tactics on how to rank well in Google. If your site ranks well on Google, users could find your site when they search for keywords that are related to your site.

Lack of Quality Content

Having a good content on your site will help users to know more about your brand and products. When they have knowledge about your site, they’ll be more comfortable in purchasing products from you. To create quality content, you may include buying guides and some product detail pages. And don’t forget videos and images.

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