Re-Opening Your Brick and Mortar Business? This Requires a Sound Digital Marketing Strategy

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June is finally here. Summer is upon us. According to government and health officials, this is about the time American businesses are slated to have re-openings of businesses everywhere.  Here near our headquarters in Southern California, Los Angeles County and neighboring counties have been fiddling with different levels of re-opening. Still, at the time of this writing, several tiers of brick and mortar businesses remain closed and awaiting new mandates from the authorities. As opening time approaches quickly, it’s an important as ever to have a reliable opportunities to connect with new business if they are being timid with their online presence. Even if government mandates change, people still don’t know exactly what businesses will be open, their hours, or restrictions placed on patrons once entering. That’s why it’s as important as ever to communicate this key information in as many channels as possible– and trust us– there are many.

As it pertains to SEO, it might be a little bit late at this point to make a splash in time for your first opening weeks, so let’s focus on some strategies you can take that can help you now. Social media and map listings are among the top places to place your attention right now. Think of SEO as part of the long game that needs to be addressed constantly over time.

Form Your Digital Marketing Strategy With These Tips

Mind your online business listings:

If you don’t know whether you have listings or not, you better check. Get onto Google, Bing, Yelp, Yahoo and search your business name, your business address, then your main business phone number, all separately. Many times business owners are shocked at how many places they are listed in, as many times they didn’t create the listings themselves.


Gather your E-mail list and reach out:

If you’re pretty engaged in digital marketing you probably have some sort of an opted-in mailing list already.  These can be a gold mine for businesses small and large, especially when discussing something like a re-opening.

Here’s a great example. This writer is an avid golfer, and I really appreciate one of our local courses keeping me in the loop about their hours and availability during this uncertain time. Although I don’t think I’ll be able to make it out, I can think about booking my next game, or remember that I have time after leaving the home office to hit some practice balls. They’re a small local business I follow that does a great job keeping us interested.


If you don’t have a stellar email list, see if you can gather a list of emails from past customers, that’s always a great first place to start looking. Then what I recommend is online opt ins throughout your website and social media channels, as well as gather them in writing wherever it is you do business.

Keep Everyone In the Loop on Social Media:

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This neighborhood favorite is showing us how it’s done right. They’ve just announced their opening date as well as showed off their new layout that provides enhances safety against the virus spread. Further, notice how they keep their hours and available services all up to date for their patrons. They are the model we like to follow for clients and that we suggest everyone to do to kick-start a successful bounce back.

The most interactive companies on social media have a distinct advantage over those who still refuse to engage online. Sometimes it’s as simple as sharing a fun picture of preparation shenanigans with a note telling your followers to come see you starting opening day.

One of the things that has been established in this unfortunate lockdown period is the new normal of conducting most business online. Our digital marketing agency has been fortunate enough to have been a type of business that people sought out for help in light this terrible pandemic. For that we are happy to service and consult those who have needs and questions about the future of their business in the online world. To talk to one of our top experts and get a free consultation, just phone us or fill out one of our forms.