Quality link building strategies for your SEO campaign

link building seo

Are you in SEO marketing and you using links to get the job done? This is for you. Links are a great way to reach out and increase site online presence. However, do you know it is also one of the most used strategies for spamming? Actually, it is so serious that Google plans to release penguin and panda updates that will target link-spamming websites. There are two types of link; white hat and black hat. What is the difference? In common terms, white hat is the natural and accepted link building while black hat is the unnatural alternative.

To be on the safe side, better adopt white hat strategies. Here, we provide for you several strategies, which you will find useful in building natural links.


The first strategy for link building is by getting other sites link to you. How do you get this done in a quality, approved and natural way? The first under this is through content creation and promotion.  All you need is to create content that is informative, engaging and compelling to others. This will make people want to link and tell others about it. The second is through submissions. Create and submit content to other high authority sites like directories. The third way is through reviews & mentions. Get prominent people to talk about your site and lastly, get your friends, partners to link to your site. Even though it is a quality strategy, it takes time and depends on others, which you don’t control, for success.

The second strategy is through free link building alternatives. Here you have a number of options and the first is through anchor text and keyword. The link is natural and adds to site prominence by virtue of using keyword. The second is the quality of the linking page. For your site to rank well, you need to link with high authority sites. In SEO and link building, these high authority sites are regarded to be of high quality than questionable ones. As a result, a link on these sites will help in ranking your site high. Third, is the page on your site the link is aimed at. This is known as the landing pages and it has to offer quality and clear services. It also has to be relevant otherwise; visitors will come but then leave immediately increasing on bounce rate.

The third strategy for building quality links is simply doing it yourself. This is effective and cheap. In fact, for most of these strategies, you spend almost nothing. It is effective as you get to do it yourself…but only if you have what it takes for link building. The only limitation is that, it is time consuming and at the end of the day, you may not achieve much.

With these various strategies to use, what’s the base line? How do you ensure that you are on the safe side as long as link building is concerned? The solution is simple; don’t follow any new link building strategy blindly. It may be obsolete or penalized.