Put the Money Where the Money Is 

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Not sure exactly where that phrase comes from, but I first heard it in the context of writing for TV. When there’s important information that the audience needs to know for an episode of a TV show, sometimes the writing staff debates who gives it. While they don’t always want the hero(s) to give exposition, “put the money where the money is” makes sense as a general rule. 


The idea is that you’re paying the most money for the stars, that’s who people are tuning in to see, so it makes sense to have them say what’s important. That’s true in television, but it’s also true in any kind of business. 


When you want to get the most for your money, whether that’s through digital marketing, social media, SEO, eCommerce, or anything else, you want to “put the money where the money is” so to speak. 

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The Time for eCommerce


For a small business, the ethos of “put the money where the money is” isn’t so much about having stars deliver information, but being more efficient. While that was always true, it’s especially so during the pandemic. 


Methods that aren’t making you money right now, no matter how effective they were, need to be streamlined. For example, if your company hasn’t made the transition from “retail” to “eCommerce” there’s no better time to do that than now. 


Whether your goods can be picked up and delivered, or your services can be delivered remotely, or some amalgamation thereof, now is the time to figure that out. Yes, there might be some corrections that have to be made along the way. But, doing so now gives you the best chance to succeed. That’s true at this moment and in the future, too. 


Helping You to Identify “Where the Money Is” 

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It’s natural, even understandable, to be frustrated at times with how businesses have had to change during the pandemic. You started your business with several ideas in mind, perhaps you were successful for a long period of time, or maybe you just started to take off – regardless, this pandemic period has “thrown off” so many businesses. 


We can help you to identify exactly where your business can best pivot to “meet the moment.” When you sit down with our team, we’ll analyze all there is to analyze about your company as well as your industry. From there, we’ll be able to put together a package that’s just right for you. 


Even in times as challenging as these, there is opportunity. We can help you to take advantage of it. For more: (888) 477-9540.