Publish an e-book or an Epic Blog/Website Post – Which Offers the Most Money

The Fact is that it is very difficult to tell which is going to earn you the most money, but if you have read online articles about making money fast with an online e-book or an Amazon kindle book, then you have been misinformed. The e-book market is one of the toughest to crack. You would literally make more money from sales if you wrote a comic book or a funny cartoons book and tried to sell that.

Your Book May Never Sell

The biggest problem you are going to have is selling your book. It is very difficult selling e-books anywhere, from your website to Amazon’s Kindle store. There are epic numbers of people who have written books and nobody has ever read them. They have even reduced the price to 99c, and nobody has bought their book.

Promoting and Selling Your Book

Let’s say that you are master marketer, and you sell your book with the use of affiliate advertising. You are still going to see very little money. Amazon is going to take 30% of your money, and then you have to factor in your affiliate fees, which soaks up another 10% to 20% of your money, and then taxes take their share and you have the pittance that remains.

How Does an Epic Website Post Make Money?

Your epic post is going to draw in between five and eight people per week. It is not much, but it is consistent, and that number will go up if your epic post is on a well-known and popular website. Even if it is not on a popular website, your epic post will draw people from the search engines if your epic post is of a very high quality (one also assumes that your e-book would have been a high quality book too).

The most common way to make money from your epic post is to put advertisements down the side of it, and one at the very bottom. The ads down the side need to be unintrusive. The ad at the bottom needs to be near the link to your other posts. This is because many mobile users are going to miss the link to your other posts and accidentally click your ad instead.

Your epic post can also make money by asking for it. Though it sounds odd and weird, there are occasions where people have donated to epic blog articles simply because the information was so eye opening or useful. For example, there was a dating website that offered a long list of basic tips such as how you should wash three times, never say “erm,” don’t smile in every dating website photo, and so forth, and even though the tips were basic, there were so many of them that people often found a tip or two they had never thought of, and so donated a dollar at the end.

Conclusion – The Epic Post Has More Chance of Making Money

Unless you are brilliant at book marketing, you are probably going to make more money out of your epic post. That is not to say that your book will never sell, there are people who make money out of selling their book on Amazon, but it is not a lot of money. In many cases, you make a modest amount for a short period of time and then people forget about your book. If you are not a whiz at book marketing, then writing an epic blog post is probably your best option.

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