What is a Proven Process to Removing a Google Link Penalty?


If you have ever bought links or hired a SEO agency, chances are your inbound links are spam. With the Google penguin update, spam links are being penalized.

In case you are a victim, this is the road to your recovery.

First determine if it was a manual link penalty or penguin update that affected you.

Log in to your web master tools. If you have a message from Google regarding link penalty, it was probably a manual penalty. But if there is no such message, but you believe that you were hit, it must be the penguin update.

First log in to your Google web master tools and export your back link data to Google docs.

Use a good back link tool to really get an idea of the most offending back links. These are the back links that you need to get rid of really fast.

Once you identify the back links that need to be taken down, it is time to take action to get rid of them.

One good way to get rid of bad back limns is to ask. You can email the webmaster of the website back linking to you. You can use an email template that clearly explains your position and request to remove the back link. You can make it easier for them by giving the URL of the website where the back link can be fund, the web URL of your site that they pint to and your anchor text.

There are three ways webmasters respond to your request: by removing the back link, ignoring your request, asking for money to remove the back link.

Maintain an excel spreadsheet record of each back link which you can later submit to the Google as part of yr reconsideration request.

In case you hired someone to build back links for you, first contact that person to see if he can remove them. You will be lucky if he does.

Bt if that does not happen, manually contact each webmaster with a request ot remove a bad back link.

Contact the web masters up to three times to get your link removed. But if the link still persist, use Google web master disavow link tool to ask Google to disregard that link.