Press Releases to help your Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Press Releases to help your Online Reputation Management

Traditional press releases were issued by large companies in order to keep their names in the paper or to promote a new product, or simply encourage customers to buy from them. Modern companies at the beginning of the 21st century were beginning to see this form of the press release as old-fashioned, and even detrimental to the reputation the companies were trying to create among the younger generation. However, while the traditional press release continues to decline, the internet press release has seen something of a revival and has been used as a way to improve the brand reputation of the company issuing it.

Why companies are turning to press releases again

There are several reasons why companies have decided that they should put the press release back into their armory, including:

  • Can be placed in the media kit. This is the page on your business website that holds information that might be used by bloggers, journalists, or researchers. Unlike the contact page, this contains information that the blogger can make use of, and might also have testimonials, case studies, and product reviews in addition to press releases, bios of staff members, and content articles.
  • They can help companies control negative feedback. In the event of a negative review, customer complaints, or even more serious disasters, a press review can really help. They can be written to apologize, correct or provide damage control in any other form, making them perfect for the business seeking to bolster its online reputation.
  • They can be used on SEO. Press releases, like all content you provide, should contain your most important keywords. Unlike other forms of content you might produce, press releases can be ranked on search engine results, so you can use them to provide positive content for your company.

All of these reasons ensure that press releases are currently being used by companies who are solely operating online, as well as more traditional businesses.

They add professionalism

When your business needs to be able to improve its online reputation, press releases can add some gravitas to the brand. Adding press releases to a media bundle means that not only can researchers and journalists find them, but customers can also see that you are issuing press releases. The general public is still enthusiastic about these releases, and this means that you can regain some of your reputations simply by having a press release available.