Press Releases in SEO: How do They Work?

Press Releases in SEO

To this day links are one of the most valuable traits of SEO. Still, getting those that carry actual value is no easy task. One of the reasons for this is very simple: Google continually evolves in its understanding of which links are being manipulated with the sole purpose of cheating the search engine optimization system. Press releases in SEO are still one of the most useful tools to get good links and thus enhance a website’s ranking.

One of the things that make PRs so effective is that their main focus is not based on links per se. This allows a marketer to have a more general marketing approach on his or her link-building activity; and then, naturally, drive links along with it. Traditional PRs nature is to get coverage on top publications and drag links along with them. In time, they build strong, sustainable link profiles that generate a fruitful SEO in the long term.

Press Releases in SEO

Building a Press Release Campaign

There are different approaches you can choose for a press release. The one that is proven to give better results for businesses is a creative PR campaign that is newsworthy as well as fresh and attractive. One of the main mistakes some people fall into is having a PR that just pitches the basic qualities of a business and doesn’t really present anything relevant or new anyhow. We need to understand that the nature of PRs is to get coverage on media. Yes, you get link juice but in order to get it media needs to have something to talk about! something unique, new, or relevant enough to warrant another writer to write about. So the first stage of a successful PR campaign is to brainstorm about what journalists would be interested in writing about your business.Such ideas would depend on the publications you want to be featured in. Still, there are topics that are almost universal and could fit several types of media. Some of the most common are:

  • The launch of a new product.
  • The opening of a new location.
  • Promotions
  • Advice on topics related to your activity (especially if you are a service provider).
  • Events or meetings with relevant figures
  • Basically, anything that is newsworthy and goes out of the typical.

Linking Carefully

Once you determined the topic, it needs to be reflected in every paragraph of the press release and the whole PR should be an invaluable source of relevant information. Bear in mind that its main target is journalists; people trained in writing. They need to perceive your PR as genuine, even if it’s created with the main purpose of bringing traffic to your website. You can, however, add a mention of your website or link to a blog posts or landing pages that contribute to expand the information you’re sharing in the PR.By doing this, you can lead journalists to a page on your site with all the information they need, aside from the press release itself. They will have somewhere to quote as a source in the form of a backlink to your site. Furthermore, it will be more likely to receive such backlinks if you provide a URL that needs to be visited to enter your site or includes essential information that needs to be read.

Promoting your Press Releases in SEO

Once you established your content, you need to put your Press release in the right hands. This means giving it to the right media to write about you. If you give them a good story, they will cover it or just publish your PR on their platforms. There are several link tools for this purpose. If you put the source into them you can get useful information about where your story was covered and sometimes even who wrote about it.A PR expert can do this with several different stories with the same theme. Eventually, the expert can come up with a list of targeted writers and media that covered similar topics and are likely to write about your business. In future campaigns, you can target them directly. Your press releases should always have from 3 to 4 original images including your brand’s logo and if possible, relevant videos (some platforms allow to simply add links to YouTube).SEO Service Inc has an in-house team of excellent content writers with years of experience in journalism and media. They can create relevant, useful press releases in SEO that can get you coverage in media all around the country. This can generate a tremendous increase in your site’s traffic and thus, your leads and conversions. They can have direct contact with you and brainstorm ideas so your PRs are both successfully linked and are as well interesting for the targeted media.