Preparing a Customer Service Plan During COVID-19

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If you haven’t already, it should be a top priority to address your customer service plan during COVID-19. Your website should ideally include a banner at the top of your home page addressing your response and how business will be conducted during this time. Whether you own a restaurant, boutique, salon, print shop, etc., it’s important to let your clientele know your plan. Here are a few things that should be noted on your website:

Hours of Operation

Many business owners have changed their hours of operation to incorporate new safety guidelines. Many grocery stores, both large and small, have begun designated early hours for elderly and immunodeficient customers to shop before the stores get busy and thus carry more germs. Additionally, restaurants that now offer take-out have rearranged their hours as well, making it easier to get takeout after a long day of being stuck at home. If your hours have changed, no matter what your business provides, it’s important to make these changes known to the public. Of course, every business is experimenting with its hours of operation right now to determine what works best. Your Google business listing, as well as your website and social media pages, should be updated regularly every time your hours change. 

Address Any Potential Delays

In order to follow new safety guidelines, shipping times for just about any e-commerce site are going to be delayed. Most e-commerce sites have announced this already before you even go to place an order. This not only shows your customers that your company cares about necessary precautions, but it also shows that you aren’t trying to hide anything and therefore establishes a better sense of trust. When their items do arrive, they’ll know they don’t have anything to worry about. However, it is recommended that you leave all packaging, including the box, any plastic, bubble wrap, etc., outside as they could carry germs from distribution centers and drivers. 


Provide an FAQ List

Get ahead of the game by providing a list of frequently asked questions and display it somewhere on your website where it stands out. This helps customers avoid calling you directly and asking questions that could easily be answered online. An FAQ list also reaffirms that you’re taking their concerns seriously and are being transparent with customers. Make sure all answers are detailed and as clear as possible. 


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Apologize For Any Inconvenience

It’s understandable that every business will experience some type of inconvenience during the global pandemic. Rather than trying to avoid addressing these inconveniences, learn to adapt to them. Consider offering coupons or vouchers to compensate for delayed shipping times, changes to operational hours, and anything else that could affect your customers. They will remember the businesses that were transparent and accommodating once this is all over. 

Only Publish What You Know To Be True 

It’s important now more than ever to publish only what you know to be true and factual. Misleading information about COVID-19 only leads to more fear and anxiety among the public. Many brands have been reprimanded for publishing false information or claiming to sell products that can treat or prevent COVID-19. There is no cure for this disease. Any website that claims they have a cure or a substance that prevents it should not be trusted. Customers turn to brands they trust during tough times, be one they can trust and maintain your credibility. Your business will come out of this pandemic stronger because of it.


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