More Ways to Prepare for the Holidays (That Don’t Involve Marketing) 

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“Improve your web design to drive your holiday marketing!” “Get your social media focused on your holiday offerings with our SEO ranking services!” “Do (Insert Thing You Already Know to Do Here) to succeed this holiday season!” 

I figured you were tired of reading about all of that. 

So, I wanted to touch on some lesser-known, perhaps smaller tips for this upcoming holiday season. They don’t really have anything to do with online marketing. But, if you want to include some of them in your marketing, you absolutely can. 



Prepare for the Worst (With a Smile) 


Obviously, you want to hope for the best. 

But, as 2020 has shown us, “preparing for the worst” is not just a cliche. It’s a good way to go about your business. 

One particular way that could happen this holiday season: your deliveries. 

In a perfect world, the products and goods that your customers purchase would get to them when they’re supposed to. 

Alas, we left “a perfect world” behind some time ago. 

So, in a year where anything can happen, be prepared. 

Should you, your staff, or whoever you have writing up your email marketing have a moment, prepare some apology alerts and emails. 

That way, you have them ready to go should unexpected delays arise. 

Hopefully, you don’t have to use them. 

But, if you do, you’ll be glad that you had them ready (and you’d looked over them/had them approved ahead of time). 



A Way to Make Your In-Store Experience Safer (That Doesn’t Involve Hand Sanitizer) 


Many businesses will have physical stores open for the coming holiday season. 

Yes, more people are browsing and shopping online than ever. But, plenty of folks are going to be purchasing in person, too. 

Many, in fact, will do both. They’ll look for something online and then go in person to buy it. 

Make that easier on them. 

One of the many tips on preparing for the holiday season we already shared was “make sure your eCommerce site is ready to roll.” 

One great way to do so: make it so that if someone searches for something or highlights it online, they can save it to their profile or something similar. 

That way, they can spend less time in your store looking for what they want to buy. That’s good for your customers as well as your staff. 

Sure, I did say “this article won’t be about marketing.” But, if you do something like this, you absolutely want to let your potential customers know. That could be what gets them to come to you and not one of your competitors. 



Proud of Your Returns/Exchanges Policy? Let Folks Know! 


The same goes for your policy about returns and exchanges. 

As more people are going to buy online than ever, your returns/exchanges policy becomes all that more important. 

Folks probably won’t come to your location to see things for themselves as much. So, they’ll buy online, and that can lead to more returns. 

If you have a generous or liberal policy, let people know. Again, that’s a little thing that could bring someone to you. 

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