Predicting the Future Better With Marketing Surveys 

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Obviously, there’s no way to predict the future. 

However, you can draw upon your experience (as well as the experiences of others) to have a better idea of what may be coming. 

That way, you can prepare as best you can, accordingly. 

A great example of this is the CMO Survey. 

This survey “collects and disseminates the opinions of top marketers in order to predict the future of the markets, track marketing excellence, and improve the value of marketing in firms and in society.” 

Those are some bold words, but the CMO Survey backs it up. 

This isn’t just some “push poll” run by a small outfit. This is an established, trusted survey run by professionals who ask real, working marketers in the United States as well as the UK. 

There’s plenty that our lawyer website SEO company found that could help us (as well as your company) to prepare for the future. 



“Optimism is In” 


It may be famous last words, but it seems that marketers are feeling very optimistic. 

This makes sense: with the numbers of the vaccinated rising daily as well as those who get seriously ill from COVID-19 failing, it’s entirely possible that we have a strong “bounce back” summer. 

If you look at the survey, it has an “optimism scale.” This tends to average around 60. Last year’s dipped into the low 50s, but, as of February 2021, was way up to 66.3. 

The optimism of marketers doesn’t just show in an arbitrary optimism number, but it also shows in how they’re acting, too. 

Specifically, they aren’t “holding back,” sitting in survival mode anymore. Instead, they’re out there trying to grow their businesses. 

As the February 2021 survey shows, marketers’ objectives saw an almost 50% jump in “acquiring new customers” and an over 100% increase in “improving marketing ROI.” 

The time to “hang back” might be over. Now very well could be the time to strike. 



“Digital Isn’t Going Away” 


Obviously, internet sales went through the roof during the worst of the pandemic. 

That said, they haven’t dipped much during the recovery, either. 

For example, according to the survey, “internet sales” are at 19.4% in February of 2021. To put that in perspective, it matches 19.3% in June 2020. 

The takeaway here: people like ordering things online. That doesn’t mean that in-person buying is going away. But, it does mean that there will be a real, viable audience for internet sales going forward. 

These are just some of the ideas put forward in the survey. 

The truth is that even as we return to our lives, they won’t be exactly as they were. An important strategy for marketers and business owners going forward will be to navigate what to keep from the pandemic and what to get rid of. 

A good rule of thumb: if it made your customers’ lives easier then, it will do the same now. 

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