PR Advice From a Popular SEO Company in Los Angeles

PR Advice From a Popular SEO Company in Los Angeles

What on earth does an SEO company in Los Angeles have to say about PR? After all, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about ranking up the search engine results, and PR is about spreading the right message, managing one’s reputation, and managing potential customer expectations. Well, what if I told you that companies like Amazon and Disney have teams of SEO experts working around the clock on PR matters only? They do it because PR and SEO have several links that can be exploited for potential gain. Here is what you need to know.

What Will People See When They Search For Your Product?

Let’s say your company sells very poor-performing laptops. When people search for the worst laptops, or poor value laptops, or they are searching for good laptops and they see a best/worst list, they may see “Your” company name.

With good SEO, you can make sure that when people search for bad laptops, or best/worst laptops, or cheapest laptops, etc., you can ensure they see the websites you control. With good SEO, you can help ensure your website appears first on the results, you can help ensure the reviews you posted on review sites are the ones that appear first. You can make sure the guest posts you wrote on other websites are the website results that appear before the negative ones do.

You Don’t Need to Dominate Google

Companies like Amazon and Disney can dominate every listing on Google for the top ten pages because they can afford to do it. They can make sure all their best websites and promotional content appear first on Google.

Yet, the most powerful piece of advice in this article is right here: You don’t need to dominate Google. When most people go looking for your website, your business, or your products, they only look at the first few search engine results. If you want to win at SEO PR, you just need to appear on the first few results on the Google search engine results when people search for your business or products.

For example, there may be 4000 websites on Google that have negative reviews about your products. To combat this, all you have to do is ensure your positive reviews and your website appear on the search engine results before the 4000 negative reviews. You don’t need to write 4000 positive reviews and have them posted on 4000 websites. The negative press about your website will never be seen unless it ranks very highly on Google.

How Can I Beat 4000 Negative Reviews on Google?

Taking from the previous point. Let’s say there are 4000 websites on Google that have negative reviews about your website. All you have to do is rank ahead of those websites in the Google search engine results, and nobody will ever see those other websites. But, the question remains, how are you supposed to outrank 4000 other websites?

It is easier than you think. When John or Jill the customers post a negative review about your product, they post it on a review website, give you one star, and move on. They don’t promote their review, they don’t post links to it, they don’t muster support for it on social media, and they don’t apply the rules of SEO. However, when you write positive content about your website or products, and when you write your own website, you apply all the rules of SEO. In short, do just a small amount of SEO, and you come out ahead of the pack.

You Need Better SEO

The advice from a popular SEO company in Los Angeles in this case was from Website Depot Inc. They have been working for years to elevate companies in the eyes of their viewers. SEO matters when it comes to public relations. If you’re looking to improve your online reputation, or perhaps you are looking to spread the correct message to your potential customers, then get in touch with Website Depot Inc and rank your website up the search engine results. You will not be disappointed.