PPC or SEO – Which is Better?

Which is Better

PPC (pay per click) and SEO (search engine optimization) are two ways to advertise online. But you may wonder which one is better.

Often, we are asked by our clients about these two options. Do they have advantages or are they mutually exclusive?

Both have the same goal. That is to increase traffic to your site that truly converts into new customers or clients. But accomplishing these targets are quite different from one option to another.

To help you decide, here are some ways that PPC can be more beneficial than SEO.

Faster in attracting site traffic

In a day, you campaign can be up and running. If your site wants to hit the ground quickly, then PPC is an obvious solution.

Guaranteed rankings

SEO companies can’t promise that your page will land on the first page of organic search engine results page. With PPC, however, you’re paying to be at the top. SEO, on the other hand, changes frequently. So, if you’re number one today, you’d be number 10 the next day.

Obtain targeted market

With PPC, you can easily direct people to your landing page that has been tailored to encourage action. That page should have a special offer to encourage visitors to sign up or buy. With a targeted approach, you’ll receive excellent ROI.

So, is PPC more beneficial than SEO?

It may sound like PPC is a clear winner. However, SEO is important especially if you’re doing PPC. Remember that SEO can bring you better traffic and a more trusting lead.

It’s also important to note that most searchers ignore paid results when they browse the web or search on Google.

PPC SEO Better

Several data suggest that organic search visitors are more likely to trust your company. And when your brand ranks highly on Google, it’s a sign that you’re credible. In the eyes of your visitors, you’re an essential player in your industry.

Which one should you choose?

PPC can play a critical role in informing your SEO campaign. The question of whether or not you must use PPC will depend on your marketing budget. PPC will yield results if you can spend at least $50 per day on clicks.

So the best answer to the question of which one is better, SEO or PPC, is that you should try both and see which one works better for your business. Both have benefits and disadvantages. SEO can help your PPC results, and vice versa.