PPC Campaigns Ideal for Law Firms

PPC Campaigns Ideal for Law Firms

PPC or pay-per-click is an advertising firm that is placed prominently on search engine pages. If you have a law firm, it has to bid against other law firms for a set of keywords you think your audience would use to find you.

If you bid higher for an accurate term than other law firms, your ad will appear higher than them. But how are you going to do it?

Choose the right search terms

The keywords you must choose should reflect the searching habits of your potential clients. For that reason, it is vital that you have a buyer persona, so you know what your customers are searching for. In that way, they will click on your ad and inquire about your legal services.

Create a relevant landing page

Make sure that when your potential clients click on your ads, they will arrive at a relevant page. If they land on an irrelevant page of your website, it will just increase your bounce rate, thereby, decreasing your conversion rates.

Think ahead before you set up your ad campaign. Create a landing page for that campaign first. Your landing page must also have a clear call-to-action button so your visitors will know what exactly they are supposed to do next.

Set an objective

Your goals will guide you in your campaign’s progress. That said, you must make an outline of what you want to achieve from that campaign.

Is it about driving traffic to some of your landing pages? Or do you want to increase the number of people who inquire about your services? Do you want to improve newsletter sign-ups too?

Whatever objective you may have, you should know them all before you even start to consider PPC campaigns.

PPC Campaigns Ideal for Law Firms

Monitor your campaign

You may use online tools to help you analyze if your PPC campaigns are helping achieve those goals you have set up. With those tools, you can see where your visitors are coming from exactly. Did they click on your PPC ads or find your site through regular search engine listings?

By knowing which of those channels are successful, you can refine your advertising approach and use methods that work for your company.

Once you know the right formula for converting your traffic into sales, consider spending more. That’s because PPC is like a market. You must put the correct item in front of the people at the right time.