What are positive SEO strategies?

What are positive and what are negative SEO strategies?

While SEO is a very essential and powerful tool in the online environment, it can also be a very detrimental strategy that has the potential to hurt your website. If you are planning a SEO campaign for your website, then it is essential to understand which the good are and which the bad SEO strategies are. Technically, positive SEO strategies are referred to as white hat and the negative strategies are referred to as the black hat. This categorization is done by Google, which is the industry standard for matters online.

If you are considering hiring a professional SEO expert, then it is better for you and might not be required to know which of the strategies lies in which side of the divide. By the way, it is advised that you hire the services of a professional SEO expert; the benefits that come with such a move are more. Nevertheless, hiring a SEO expert does not limit the need to know what are positive and what negative SEO strategies are, right. Knowing which is which are an added advantage and a step ahead in ensuring that the strategies the SEO expert is using are the right ones.

SEO Building Blocks

SEO Building Blocks

The definition of positive and negative SEO strategies is best done from the implications strategy. Positive SEO also known as white hat, are those strategies that will impact your site positively. The impact is measured in increased ranking on search engine results pages, (SERPs) or/and increased traffic to your site. For ecommerce websites, the effect can also extend to increased conversions hence increased profits. On the other hand, negative SEO strategies will hurt your website when used. The effect results to a warning from Google and if the problem is not corrected, the site is pulled down from Google and can appear online.

This brings us to the most essential part of this topic, which are the positive and which are the negative SEO strategies? Basically speaking, any strategy positive SEO strategy can be negative SEO strategy depending on how it is used. For example, one of the major SEO strategies is back linking. However, if back linking is done through phishing, or link baiting, when Google realizes the negative strategies, you will receive a warning. The best way to understanding which strategies you need to use or those that your SEO expert need be using is going through the Google webmaster guidelines.

Knowing these strategies is not enough because just like technology, SEO strategies keep changing every now and then. With the great desire to rank websites high, webmasters keep coming up with negative SEO strategies. Once Google nets down these strategies, the webmaster guideline is updates, therefore constant updates on SEO strategies is essential for an effective webmaster.

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