Health Mate Sauna

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Health Mate Sauna is a California-based retailer of high-quality infrared saunas meant to provide people with a personal sauna experience in the comfort of their own homes. They joined Website Depot in July 2019 under a plan…

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Live Med Well

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Inspired by the recent boom in the CBD industry and the field of hemp-derived medicine, Med Well was established as a means to provide a genuinely healthy and ethically developed line of CBD supplements for athletes. In…

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The Universal Family Wellness Clinic is a holistic health center founded in a passion for public health and integrative medicine. Providing services in acupuncture, East Asian herbal medicine, and a variety of similar services, they came to…

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Insight Treatment

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For those with troubled adolescents, there will always be hope and somewhere to turn. With beautiful design and open arms to change lives, this is an informational site that helps with teens that have to much time…

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