Health Mate Sauna


Health Mate Sauna is a California-based retailer of high-quality infrared saunas meant to provide people with a personal sauna experience in the comfort of their own homes. They joined Website Depot in July 2019 under a plan for branding, e-commerce, content management system, and responsive web design in order to boost their online presence and establish a successful digital marketing strategy.


Upon first joining the Website Depot roster, the bulk of Health Mate Sauna’s Google rankings laid below the fourth page of search results. In the subsequent months, after a thorough digital marketing strategy, their keywords started to climb up said rankings. They have improved to the point where, as of January 2020, over half of their targeted keywords are ranking between the first and second pages of Google search results. As a long-time traditional provider of high-end commodities, Health Mate Sauna set off to look for their intended audience through online channels and, with our help, they have found it.

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