Chanel Vintage Store (Lady Danger Vintage)


As an online Chanel boutique, Lady Danger Vintage supplies all sorts of high-end vintage jewelry pieces to celebrities, stylists, artists, models, and magazine editorials, as well as plenty of other customers. As a carefully curated retailing service, Lady Danger Vintage needs to uphold a strong online presence, which is why they signed up for a content management system, e-commerce, WordPress, Magento shopping, responsive web design, and branding plan with Website Depot.


The brand now has an elegantly designed website that visually mimics its high-end products and upscale audience while also allowing for its customers to easily navigate the website and to get in touch with the service providers in a convenient way. The Lady Danger Vintage site is now well-equipped to receive both its current and prospective customers and to properly welcome them into the brand.

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