Podcasting in Public: Best Practices 

podcasting in public
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Are you looking for more ways to create content that are actually going to get someone’s attention? Do you not have your own video production/podcasting studio? That doesn’t mean you’re precluded from podcasting, of course. Quite the opposite, in fact. Podcasting in public, something I do often for our company that specializes in omnichannel digital marketing and SEO services in Los Angeles.


If you’ve read any of my blogs here before, then you know the value of video recording what it is you do in the course of a given day. That means taking some video of people working in the office, of course, but also for those in a restaurant, factory, or anywhere else. 


For context, when I say “podcasting outside,” I mean “filming a video with you and another person speaking to each other in hopes of creating content.” Below are some of the tips that I wish I had known before my first outdoor podcast. 


The first time you record yourself talking to someone outside, it’s natural to want to hold the phone in your hand. It’s how you would take a selfie, a video with friends/family/etc. However, when it comes to your content for your business, you’re better off with a stand.


It doesn’t have to be an enormous mic stand, even a small one is fine. What matters is that it will be far more stable than your hand, even if you’re holding your phone by the stand.


Often, what we’ll do here at Website Depot is ask someone to come to a particularly well-illuminated spot, put the tripod (or “sticks”) down, and go from there. But, we also may put the camera on a small tripod and just wave it around. Either way, that gives you enough of a solid foundation (both figuratively and literally) to make content. 


Have Something to Give 


Specifically, have something to give your consumer as well as your guest. 


For example, recently, we attended the Glendora Recovery Foundation Expo. It was a wonderful time. They were a client of ours, and we were able to support them while also meeting so many great new businesses, too. I did a lot of outdoor podcasting there, talking to different vendors about their businesses, etc. 


Remember: when you make content, any content, whether it’s podcasts, videos, blogs, even social media posts, they can’t just be promotional in nature. The person watching has to be able to get something out of them. 


So, I always made sure that the ones I did at that expo were informative. They taught folks about a new business, why they may want to check it out, how it could provide them with solutions, etc. 


Of course, I make it entertaining, too. How? I ask the questions of the business owner that I would like answers to. My reasoning here is: if I have the question, someone watching will, too. 


By that same token, have something for your guests, too. Our CEO and founder, Danny Star, told me everyone who podcasted with me we’d edit it for them, put it up, make sure to link them, so that folks see what it is that they have to offer. 


Whether someone’s going to be on your podcast or consume your podcast, make sure that you have something to give them that they’re going to want. 


Perfect Has Left the Building 


These don’t have to be “perfect.” They don’t have to be anything close. Indeed, trying too hard to make them seem “perfect” can have the opposite effect: they can make them less authentic. 


When you’re podcasting with someone, particularly in an outdoor setting, where things might be a bit impromptu, you’re not looking for “perfect.” What you are looking for: authenticity. You want the other person to say something real, to establish a real human connection. 


Why? Because that’s what people respond to. All of the slick production in the world isn’t worth one real authentic moment. That’s especially true for short-form podcasting, for Instagram Reels, TikTok, and the like. 


That doesn’t mean that the person you’re talking to has to break down crying, telling the most vulnerable aspects of their life, etc. What it does mean is that you want the other person to say something true and honest, something that matters to them. 


The good news is here that this is much simpler and easier than it sounds. As a professional in your field/industry, you have expertise. You know what the common person doesn’t. Share that. Put that in everything you do. That way, you’re always providing something real, real value, in everything that you put into the world. 


Help With Omnichannel Digital Marketing and SEO Services in Los Angeles 


Those are just some of the tips I’ve learned over the years from filming podcasts out in the world for Website Depot. There are many, many others, of course. But, as you may have noticed, many of those tips can work for content creation of all kinds, too. Whether you’re doing blogs, service pages, landing pages, and more, for example, you’re going to want that real authenticity, real solutions in them. 


Here at Website Depot, we can do a lot more than just outdoor podcasts (to say the very least). We create websites, pages, build up your social media following, protect your reputation, create content of all kinds, help you to rank for the keywords that matter to you, and so much more. 


To see how we can help your company, schedule a free consultation with us through our site or by calling.