What is a podcast? 

An interview. Our experienced podcast host talks to you or someone who works at your company about your business. We film them and record them. Then, they’re posted online on YouTube and elsewhere. The content from the podcast can be edited into smaller pieces so as to be used on Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms. 


How can people see or hear the podcast? 

People can watch the podcast on YouTube or on other video platforms. Also, it’s possible to just listen to audio versions of the podcasts as well. 


What would a podcast do for my business? 

A podcast can do so much for your business. 

Enhance your brand. Connect with your potential customers and clients in a real, human way. It’s one thing to read content or see a short video. It’s even more powerful to see a professional explain what they do and how their business can help in a relaxed, fun environment. 


Can a podcast help my digital marketing?

Absolutely it can. This is the kind of compelling content that people want to consume and, consequently, search engine algorithms want to reward. 

You’re showcasing your authority and providing real value in a professionally produced, edited, and executed podcast. That can help your business in many ways. 


What subjects would you cover on my podcast? 

Anything you would like! 

We go over subjects with you ahead of time. Then, when we sit down with you, these podcasts are typically done in 12 to 15-minute blocks. Those will cover an entire topic. 

To use an example, for a personal injury attorney, one block might be about the kinds of law that the attorney practices and how that can help clients. Another can be about the attorney’s experience, while one more focuses on car accidents, etc. 


Would I have to be on the podcast? 

No, you wouldn’t. Typically, our host does them with the CEO/owner of the business. But, we have many examples where we did a podcast with other workers at a business. 


Where do the podcasts take place? 

They can be online or in-person. We are a Southern California-based business, so clients in the area can choose to have our podcast host and videographer come to their place of business. Otherwise, the podcasts can be done remotely. 


I don’t have a lot of experience on camera. Should I be on the podcast? 

Of course! 

You don’t need to have years of experience as a public speaker to be great on a podcast. You just need the one thing you already have: professional experience in your business! You are an expert at what you do. 

Your expertise, your knowledge of your business is what prospective customers and clients want to see. Our host will help you to showcase that in a safe, relaxed environment. 


What do I have to prepare for the podcast? 

Not much at all. 

Ahead of time, you and our host can go over very broad beets as to what your podcast will be about. That isn’t necessary, but if it makes you more comfortable, we can absolutely do that. 

Just show up in something that you would like to be seen in and you’re good to go. 


When you post the video of the podcast, it’s not just two people talking, is it? 

No, it isn’t. We also intercut in videos and pictures of your business, what it is that you do.


Can I see the podcast before it goes out? 

Absolutely! You have a look at the final edit before it goes out. You can give us notes, changes, edits, and the like, so that we can make your podcast what you want it to be. 


What’s an in-person podcast? 

We do the podcast in person. We come to your place of business (mostly only for Southern California clients) and do the podcast where you would like.

In the past, we have done them in attorney’s offices, in rehab/treatment centers, and also in parks, backyards, and the like. Wherever you would like your podcast to be, we can make it happen. 


How long does the podcast last? 

We try to keep them to 12 to 15-minute blocks of content, maximum. So, we may film a few of those on our day with you. 

For the entire in-person podcast experience, from arrival, set up, and the actual podcasting to us clearing out, plan for about two hours. 

For a remote podcast, those tend to take much less time. Plan for about an hour, maybe a bit more. Each podcast is different and we can work around your exact, specific instructions. 


How long does it take to edit a podcast? 

That depends on the length of the podcast, what all goes into it, and so forth. Rush jobs are available. Contact us for more information. 


What happens if I don’t show up for the podcast/have to cancel at the last minute? 

Typically, we try to confirm a podcast 24 hours ahead of time. If something comes up, that’s understandable, but try to let us know 24 hours ahead of time. There is a penalty if you schedule an in-person podcast and then don’t show up. 


Can you give me some examples of podcasts? 

Here’s an in-person: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_efCQuovyyQ 

And here’s a remote one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Jcs9S67sEM