Why Picking the Right Images is Vital for SEO?

Why Picking the Right Images is Vital for SEO

Your blog’s text is critical for SEO. But images, too, are essential in getting your visitors read your post. In social media, a post with the right image receives a lot of attention.

Make people want to read your post

When you add a photo for your blog post, make sure that it’s the right image that people will be compelled to read your post. It should be a picture that explains what you’ve written. Photo and text should reinforce each other.

It’s essential that people will read your post from top to bottom because it’s one way to reduce bounce rate on your site. Google considers bounce rate as a dominant metric in measuring the quality of your traffic.

A high bounce rate implies that your entrance pages don’t provide value to your visitors. And if you don’t offer relevant posts to your visitors, you can’t expect them to convert into buyers. That said, the entire purpose of setting up a site will have no commercial value.

Picking Right Images Vital SEO

Finding images for Your Blogs

As mentioned earlier, one of the ways to improve bounce rate is to provide your audience relevant pictures that will give them a reason to stay longer in your site.

One way to find an image is to take your own photos. It enables you to have a photo that truly describes your post.

If your blog’s content is quite abstract, taking your own photos can’t be done. You can opt to buy paid images. Or you can choose to hire an illustrator. Having a professional artist to work with you will help you provide your audience with a particular image that describes your content.

However, hiring a professional will need a budget. But it’s all worth it. You may ask your web developer or web designer if he/she could also provide you illustrations for some of your posts.

Working with an illustrator will let you have original content. Plus, if you’re working with the same designer for your multiple posts, you’ll have continuity among your posts and within your blog. And when those images are shared on social media, people will recognize them.

Photos and illustrations will make any post more appealing. But it’s vital that you choose the right images and not just random photos that don’t describe your content. The right images aren’t only appealing, but they can also improve your bounce rate, which is good for SEO.

Plus, they’re more likely to be shared, thereby, increasing their exposure.