Personalize Your Content to Boost Conversions

Personalize Your Content to Boost Conversions

With so many articles available online, people tend to get fed up with banal content that’s irrelevant to their interests. That’s why it’s important for marketers to personalize their content to boost their conversions.

Why personalization increases your conversions?

At SEO Expert Danny, we believe that customization is essential. There are an endless number of studies that would suggest how personalization could impact conversion. That said, it’s safe to say that this hypothesis is already a fact.

But you may be wondering what elements of your site should you personalize?
Customizing your content must be implemented from the start to finish. For that reason, we strongly encourage our clients to consider customer experience mapping.


You must personalize all home page elements, like categories, sidebar widgets, and navigation. If your home page has a landing page or endorsements, you should tailor it to appeal to your target market.

Search function

This feature within your website should be personalized according to the words and phrases used by your visitors when they want to find something on your site. When your site’s search engine recognizes who’s using the function, it could easily tailor results to match the user’s profile. In this way, unrelated items could be eliminated.

Landing page

Some website owners fail to personalize their landing page to boost conversions. One of the reasons is that they try to do a lot of things.

When you offer them something, make sure that it’s clear to your users what they can get in exchange for providing their email address.

Ideally, you must offer something that’s tailored to your users’ specific needs.

Personalize Your Content Boost Conversions

Product recommendations

For example, if your user looks for a weight loss pill and clicks on a protein shake, your product page recommendations must offer something about protein shake of different flavors or other brands. The user may also be interested in other weight loss shakes that aren’t protein-based, for example.

As you personalize your recommendations, you’ll improve the likelihood of getting more sales.

Triggered emails

They’re vital as they’re a way for you to check in on your new customer. But triggered emails should be personalized to get more clicks than a standard newsletter.

It’s also important that you include up to three links to enhance conversions.

Improving the user experience

Personalization enhances user experience. There’s no doubt about that.

If you’re struggling to personalize your content to boost your conversions, let us help you simplify the process. Talk to one of our experts today.