People Are Adjusting to the Pandemic, Are You Adjusting With Them? 

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There’s no real way to “beat” the pandemic. 

Hopefully, it goes away soon. But, it’s almost assuredly not going to do so. 

Customers of practically all kinds have changed their habits since the beginning of the pandemic. 

They’ve adjusted. 

It’s important that your company adjust along with them so that you can retain and even grow your customer base. 

A major part of that: shopping online. 


The Incredible Rise of Online Shopping 

Qubit is an AI-led merchandising and personalized experiences firm. They recently published a survey that said that “one in two consumers currently do more than 75% of all shopping online; one in four consumers shops online for 90% of the family’s shopping needs.” 

Those are shocking numbers no matter what industry you’re in. 

It also shows that people have adjusted considerably to the pandemic. 

Remember, these results were released in August, not April. 

No matter what industry you’re in, there are probably people who are looking for a company like yours there. 

Even if they aren’t looking for your specific company, they’re searching for a company like yours. 

As ever, even when it seems like there’s nothing that your company can do, it’s important to remember that there is. There’s always something your company can do to better appeal to customers right now. 


An Effective, Productive Way to Socially Distance and Make Some Money for Hotels 

Hotels, as well as travel and tourism in general, took a big hit during the pandemic. If you’re locked down, you’re probably not traveling much. 

So, many hotels weren’t getting anywhere near the capacity they had in the past. 

But, instead of just giving up, many have tried something new: marketing them as office spaces. 

For many remote workers, working at home is difficult. Sure, it’s great to see your kids, pets, and family members more often, but it can distract you from working. 

None of that’s going to happen in a hotel. 

You can have that space to work. 

Moreover, you can have that space in a clean and safe environment. 

There’s something in this for your company. 


You Can Adjust, Too 

Maybe you don’t have a hotel that you can suddenly start selling to customers as a potential office space. 

But, I’m more than willing to bet there’s something more you could do than you’re doing right now to connect to prospective customers. 

Really, this is something we specialize in at Website Depot: helping clients to better utilize what they have so that they can get more out of it. For help with that and anything else, reach out to us at (888) 477-9540.