Why are People Afraid of SEO?

Why are People Afraid of SEO

Search engine optimization is technical, takes time and results aren’t always guaranteed. No wonder small business owners are afraid of it and wonder whether it’s worth the effort. A local SEO expert weighs in on some of the reasons why they hesitate to use it.

1. It takes too much time

SEO is not a magic formula that guarantees results. This is why those new to SEO see it as a complicated process and they’re reluctant to embrace SEO strategies, especially as takes time to see the results.

Our local SEO expert knows there are many factors to consider when optimizing a website. They don’t all need to be done at once. Smaller companies can focus on slowly implementing more elements over time. This approach may not be as spectacular but it can build up rankings and a good customer base over time.

2. It is too complex and technical

Business owners who are new to SEO often see it as being so technical that they will never be able to learn or apply it themselves. It can be intimidating to find out how many factors Google takes into account when ranking websites. There are around considered 200 factors. Business owners may not want to take the time to learn the best SEO practices and they worry about how expensive it will be to hire people to do it for them.

In fact, you can apply many basic elements of SEO easily. A small business owner new to SEO can master the basics without too much difficulty and implement simple basic tactics to start off with.

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3. It’s too easy to incur penalties

Business owners may fear to incur the wrath of Google by inadvertently applying tactics it regards as inappropriate. There certainly are tactics Google does not appreciate and being concerned about this is natural.

However, if you build your SEO strategies around best practices and don’t take advice from ‘black hatters’ who are trying to game the system, you are likely to avoid incurring penalties.

4. SEO has a bad reputation

SEO through the years has involved the development of tactics used to trick search engines. Google has cracked down on many of these practices, such as buying traffic and overusing keywords.

Despite what some people think, the purpose of SEO is not to trick search engines. It is to offer web users a way to find valuable information.

5. Finding the right keywords overwhelms them

Most website owners know that they have to do keyword research and use the right keywords so people can find their website on Google. However, they are often overwhelmed and tend to pick keywords which are too competitive.

It is possible to find keywords that are easier to rank for and to use those until a website gains more authority. Then it becomes possible to rank for more competitive ones. SEO takes time and effort. However, it is not complicated to apply a basic SEO strategy that makes a difference to rankings. A local SEO expert can make this process easier for you.