Paid Advertising CPC (Cost Per Click)

CPC advertising

Cost per click (CPC) advertising is an important figure when it comes to paid advertising. CPC is the amount you get to pay for every click on the various ads you have placed on the various places. While CPC is a great way to attract traffic, everybody seeks for a way on how to reduce the costs involved while at the same time maintaining or increasing the value of the campaign. Here you will find resourceful tips on how to reduce the costs incurred in CPC while getting the same value as if you were using the high value keywords.

Every CPC campaign starts with the choice of keywords. The value of keywords varies depending on the keywords. If you have even the basic idea about CPC, you know that the very competitive keywords have low rates, but the most noncompetitive and specific keywords very highly priced. While the choice of the noncompetitive keywords in more encouraged, the financial budget might be a major constraint towards effective CPC.

The good news is that, you can now go for those competitive and cheap keywords and beat the competition to attract more traffic. In addition, you can go for the less competitive keywords and gain more and better value through them – true value for your money.

cpc-pay-per-clickThe first tip towards realizing this is ensuring that you place your CPC ads in various highly resourceful places. These include high authority sites with more traffic per day. For example, if you can get an ad on a registration of persons government website, this would be a high value ad. Other sites that are easy to place your ad and target a wide range of traffic is in social media platforms. These include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. these sites have high traffic per day and out of this, the chances of someone clicking on your ad is very high.

Another strategy for having your ads out to the masses is through emails. While targeting websites, it is also important to target the various search engines. These have increased chances of click through. All these strategies are geared towards ensuring that, a single ad is in as many websites as possible. The chances of click through are proportionally high.

The other tip is designing very attractive and captivating banners. To make your ads more appealing and cause people to click through, make your banners attractive. With an attractive banner, someone will click through even if you are using a very competitive keyword. On the other hand, a low competitive keyword with a HD banner that is attractive will increase the chances of click through.

PartnerBadge-HorizontalBest practice is to retain a Google certified and qualified Partner SEO firm, that will take over your campaign for a reasonable price. In that way you do not loose money on clicks on the other hand your campaign is going to be competitive with a positive ROIs (Returns on Investment).