Out of the Box Marketing the Right Way

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“We want marketing that’s out of the box! We want something creative!” 

Here at Website Depot, clients say something similar to that often. 

“Out of the box,” creative marketing can be a real asset. 

Unique, eye-catching, and memorable, pushing limits to make something genuinely original can be great for your business. 

But, as with everything else, you want to be careful. 

To use another analogy involving a “box,” think of a toolbox. Being creative is always, always good. “Pushing Limits Creatively” can be great, but it’s just one tool in the box. It’s certainly not always the right tool for the job, but it can help quite a bit. 



“Out of the Box” Clarity 


As a lawyer SEO agency, so many of our clients are law firms. 

When someone’s searching for a law firm online, it usually means that they (or someone they love) could potentially have a case. 

That means they’re looking for help right now. 

There’s plenty of room for creative, “out of the box” thinking here. 

Take one of our clients as an example, Belal Hamideh Law

The layout is creative and eye-catching. Well-produced, engaging videos show Belal is warm, relatable, and most importantly, authoritative. This is someone you can trust. 

Take note, though, in the middle of the page, the “Why You Should Hire Our Accident Lawyer in Long Beach.” 

Qualifications and truths about Belal’s practice are simply stated and laid out.  

To make that more “creative,” to make that more “out of the box” would be to dilute its power. 

Those are facts that people need to know before they make a decision about reaching out to Belal Hamideh. 

What can your business take from this? 

It’s important to be “creative,” and to “think outside of the box.” However, don’t let that muddle or weaken your message. When it comes time to let folks know what you’re all about, tell them. 



“Out of the Box” Thematically 


That’s not to say that you can’t be creative in what you’re offering. 

One of my favorite examples of our clients is Sober District

They’re a drug rehab center in Los Angeles. 

If you look through their site, you’ll notice very quickly that they have multiple references to the idea of sober, healthy living as “sunlight.” 

This metaphor weaves all throughout the site. 

On the homepage alone, you’ll find multiple references to “see the sun rising,” “the sun begins to rise for patients,” and even a reference to “we understand the darkness.” 

Even better, this isn’t just words. 

Look at the pictures: there’s a lady standing in a sunlit field. A couple walking through a city as the sun is seemingly directly behind them. Indeed, the sun is almost literally over the “Get Help Now” button at the bottom. 

Weaving a cohesive theme through everything you do, that doubles as a metaphor for what you’re offering is powerful stuff. 

That can be harnessed for just about every industry. That’s about as “out of the box” as it gets. For more information on how we can help you, you can reach our digital marketing, rehab, and lawyer SEO service at: (888) 477-9540.