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Do you ever feel frustrated because there are other companies in your industry that have won fewer awards than yours but seem to be succeeding more with their digital marketing? Have you won many accolades but it hasn’t yet translated to online success? If so, you aren’t alone. We can’t tell you how many of our SEO agency clients have come to us saying some version of: “we’re the very best at what we do, we just need more people to know about it.” That’s where SEO and omnichannel digital marketing can help, of course. 


There’s an old adage in sports: “when you win, act like it’s happened before.” That’s good advice in most things: you never want to come off as a braggart, someone who’s “puffing themselves up,” so to speak. That said, unfortunately, many marketers and small business owners overcorrect in the opposite direction: they don’t mention enough when they’ve won something. When you win an award (or even get a very positive review) there’s plenty you can and should do with it. 

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Recent Winnings 


Recently, here at Website Depot, we received a Clutch US award. That’s a big deal. Clutch is a company that’s essentially designed to let its readers know what the best companies are. Or, as they put it on their site, they provide “your data-driven field guide to business buying decisions.” 


So, receiving an award from “a platform of in-depth client reviews, data-driven content, and vetted market leaders” really does mean something. With so many online awards now, it can be difficult for customers (or even business owners) to know which ones are legitimate and which aren’t. This is one of the legitimate ones? Why? Because it’s not easy to get. 


As Clutch says on their site, companies “must have reviews to be eligible for an award,” bold text theirs. Additionally, “other criteria include: market presence, work portfolio, and quality and recency of client feedback.” 


We’re proud to have received this award. We want people to know about it. Now, this is far from the only award that Website Depot has ever won. Yet, we’re highlighting it today because it’s recent, it’s something we just won, something we can put with the rest of our rewards and accolades. When your company wins something or even gets a very positive review, it’s worth posting about it in multiple ways. 


All the Places You Can Use Them 


When our CEO and founder Danny Star found out that we had received this award, he wasted no time in reaching out to the rest of the team here. Quickly, he wanted a press release, a blog, social media posts, and more. Why? So that we could let people know that we’d won this. 


Now, this isn’t “bragging” or anything of that nature. Really, it’s informing. If you’ve read our blogs for any length of time, you know how important it is to create content consistently. You don’t want “gaps,” you don’t want to go long periods of time without creating content. That being said, it’s not always easy to create content, to find something of value to create content about. 


Awards like these are perfect for that. You can post about them in multiple ways. Blogs and social media posts are great, of course. If you have the capability to put out a press release, it can certainly be worth doing so (depending upon the award, your reach, and so forth). 


Beyond that, it may even be worth it for your company to use any award in a video, a podcast, and more. You could have your founder discussing it, or have them interviewed/questioned by one of your better-on-camera co-workers. A great award can provide great content for a long time to come. 

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Not “Resting on Your Laurels” 


You may have read the above and thought: “Hey, that all sounds great and we’re really good at our jobs. But, due to our industry and/or other circumstances, we don’t exactly have a lot of opportunities for awards over here.” That’s perfectly understandable. You know what works just about as great as a reward in this context? A great review. 


A satisfied customer/client, talking about how great your company is, how good you are at what you do, and so forth – that can “move the needle,” so to speak, in the same way that an award can. After all, what is an award but a very, very positive review? 


When you receive a great review from someone, you can do the same with it as we did with this award from Clutch. You can make it a press release, you can put it in a blog (like the one you’re reading), you can work it into your social media, web design, and so much more. Positive reviews can be like a turbocharger for your SEO. 

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SEO Agency to Help 


So often, we’ve found that companies we work with have plenty of awards, they have many accolades, but they haven’t quite leveraged them in such a way as to get the most ROI from them. That’s one more way that we can help. Here at Website Depot, we can put together an omnichannel digital marketing package that can meet all of your company’s needs. 


While we have packages for specific industries, we can create a unique, individualized plan for your specific company. For a free consultation with our SEO agency pros to see how we can help, you can reach us at (888) 477-9540.