Why Do You Need to Optimize Your Site for Voice Search in 2019?

Voice search

Voice search is on the rise. Most Internet users are opting for their voice assistant instead of typing queries. With that in mind, our SEO consultant in Los Angeles recommends optimizing your site for voice queries.

Why Is There A Great Need To Maximize Site For Voice Search?

Most SEO experts agree that voice search optimization is a necessary aspect of the SEO process in 2019, but there is no special way to optimize your site for such a search. This is because Google has the same goal: to give its users the best results according to the user’s location and history.

However, you cannot deny that voice searches make up a significant part of online searches. Those who will be ready when it takes the majority of online searches are the SEO professionals who are optimizing their sites now.

In that case, it is best that you start learning the SEO for voice search. Learn from our SEO expert, Danny Star, today.

How To Generate An Optimization Strategy For Voice Search?

Keep Business Listings Clean

This is how you optimize your company listings. You need to ensure that your business’s name, address, and phone details are logical. Never put inaccurate listings online.

Fix Your Site’s Speed

When users are searching for something through their mobile devices, they want quick results. Thus, your site must load fast. If not, your visitors won’t even wait for your site to load completely.

Furthermore, Google includes speed as one of the ranking factors. They’ve announced that page speed is now a mobile search ranking factor.

Make sure that your site loads under three seconds. If your site fails to rank well on mobile search because of speed problems, it will definitely affect voice search opportunities.

Voice search optimize

What Will Your Content Strategy Be?

People are using voice search as if they were talking to a human being. Therefore, they do not use keywords. Rather, they ask questions.

Thus, make sure that your site uses not just long-tail keywords but also conversational key phrases.

Then ensure that you are providing answers to your visitors. When optimizing your site for featured snippets, you are optimizing it for voice search.

In that case, you must produce content that can answer questions in order to boost conversions at an easy reading level.

Hire an SEO Consultant in Los Angeles

Voice search has been around for quite a while, but it’s still a new concept.

Thus, if you wish to be better prepared when it dominates, talk to our expert today.

Our SEO experts will give you customized steps on how to optimize your site for this kind of online search. You must act now.

As mentioned earlier, the people who will be set for voice search dominance are those who are conforming to it now.

For initial consultation on how to optimize your site for voice search, talk to our SEO consultant in Los Angeles today: +1 (213) 322-0770.