Ranking Factors: How to Optimize them Now?

optimizing ranking factors

Google uses hundreds of ranking factors and keeps its algorithm updated by tweaking it regularly. Optimizing your site for every ranking signal can take a lot of time, but an LA SEO agency, like SEO Expert Danny, can assist you.

Because of mobile-first indexing, it is vital that you optimize your site for mobile devices on top of everything.

Ranking Factors for Relevant Search Results

Google only wants the most relevant search results for its users. Thus, the search engine giant wants to know the reason behind a query. In that way, it can provide accurate search results.

That said, the more relevant your page, the higher the position it receives in the SERPs.

To know the search intents of your keywords, experiment with various queries. Type a key phrase in the search box. Take a look at the first results page. Then, compare the pages to that of your own.

If they do not match, then they are not the accurate pages to be optimized for those keywords. Find relevant pages and add more high-quality content or create new ones.

Click-through-rate is also a relevance signal. Go to Search Console and look at the pages of your site with low CTR but a high rank. These pages could indicate that the title tags are not relevant enough.


The main reason people visit your site is your content. Google’s Panda is a means to create a helpful and beneficial web.

But do not just publish well-written content. Make sure that you have the keywords on your page. In 2019, the use of keywords in the title tag is still a powerful way to attract search engines. Add the keyword closer to the start of the title to make a huge impact.

When publishing content, make sure there are no grammar mistakes. Plus, it must have well-structured HTML. With an organized HTML markup, search engines will have an easier time understanding your content.

It is also vital that your product pages are unique, for Google penalizes sites with duplicate entries. Ensure that your product descriptions are not copied content from the manufacturer. You may also solve duplicate content issues by providing user-generated content.

ranking factors


Backlinks are still a strong signal of authority. It won’t change in 2019 and it might not change in the future.

For that reason, quality link building must be your main concern this year. And we can help you out.

Our LA SEO agency will implement link building strategies that can surely help you win the SEO game.

Optimize Your Pages Now

Our SEO LA agency houses not just SEO specialists, but also design gurus, social media marketers, and a lot more. We are a dynamic team.

Our SEO specialists constantly update our clients’ websites to ensure that they are resistant to Google penalties. We implement new SEO tactics for any marketing campaign taking into account ranking factors.

We know how digital marketing works and how we can implement those optimization tactics on your site. For an initial consultation with our SEO LA experts, please contact  +1 (213) 322-0770.