Where Do Online Shoppers Start to Shop?

Where Do Online Shoppers Start to Shop

Do you shop online? Where do you go to find the products you are looking for? If you are like most online shoppers, you will go to Amazon and Google.

These two websites are the leading places where online shoppers go. According to a study, 38 percent of online shoppers go to Amazon to shop while 35 percent search products and services on Google first. Then, 21 percent of customers go to the retailer sites.

The data only showed that Amazon search and search optimization offer great opportunities for business owners. If you consider these data, your site will be seen by your online shoppers and choose your products over your competitors’.


With the data showed, it is vital that you optimize your site for natural searches. Make sure that your products’ detail pages are fully optimized. Doing so will give your business an opportunity to shine. When you write your product title and description, you should include the right keywords.

Your eCommerce site will be fully optimized if you hire an SEO expert who knows what to do to make your site search-engine-friendly.

To make sure that your site has the best online shopping experience, your site should load quickly, regardless of what device your visitors are using. Keep its loading time to a few seconds. If it can load less, then that would be better. When it comes to loading time, your site’s biggest threat is actually the back button and not your competitor.

It is also vital to design your website for mobile users. Because two-thirds of phone owners use their phones to access the Internet, your site should have mobile functionality. That said, your site should have all the information that your visitors need when they need it.

You must also keep in mind that you only have milliseconds to attract your visitors’ attention to complete the transaction. That said, make sure that your site offers maximum performance regardless of the visitors’ Internet connection, location, and device.

Where Do Online Shoppers Start to Shop

To make your site more user-friendly, you should make the navigation easy. Your visitors should easily navigate your site to limit unnecessary clicks. This will prevent your users losing interest.

There are plenty more that you can do to make your site user-friendly and encourage visitors to convert into customers. To help you out, you should consider hiring an expert web designer who knows how to build an eCommerce site, so online shoppers are more likely to buy your products or sign up for your services.