Online Advertising Predictions in 2016

Online Advertising Predictions
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In the world of digital, many online marketers are making a forecast on what’s to come. You should follow the Online Advertising Predictions in 2016 to help you beat your competition and be able to stay ahead of the game.

Social Ads

Marketing your business is no longer limited to offline methods. Online advertising has become widely available and accessible. In 2017, it’s predicted that online marketing spending will surpass TV. With the big part of it is through social advertising. Some predict that social ad spending will reach more than $35 billion next year.

Thus, it’s crucial that you decide what platform to invest in for your audience. Test all your social media posts and promote only that can surely give you a winning ad campaign. Use those action-oriented ad formats that social networkings sites offer.

Video Ads

They’re not new. This year, however, is quite different as Google is now on board by including in-SERP video advertising. It means that people are now accepting the value of video ads online. This trend will continue. So, if you don’t want to get behind, look into the benefits of video ads for your business. The possibilities are limitless.

Facebook Messenger

Last year, Facebook launched Messenger for Business. It has taken the widely popular messaging system available for B2C and B2B conversations. There are more than 700 million people in the world who are using the Messenger. It’s pretty clear that its availability to businesses could significantly impact their bottom line.


Mobile marketing will dominate the desktop. Google announce that the mobile traffic overtook desktop traffic in various countries. It was only last year that the company released its Mobilegeddon algorithm. With it, it phased out sites that aren’t user-friendly.

If you don’t have a desktop counterpart for your website, but you do have a mobile-only site, it’s still perfectly acceptable by Google. Although it won’t drive down your desktop traffic, it’s clear that Google is slowly eliminating desktop traffic.

Online Advertising Predictions

Digital Assistants

The popularity of Siri and Cortana means that you must learn how to optimize your website to make sure that your business is accessible to these digital assistants. The rise of these assistants is going to lead the way in establishing a new way to optimize your website for the search engines.

Native advertising

Ad blocking technology is the worst online nightmare of website owners and publishers. Whether it may or may not affect your campaign in 2016, you should learn how to optimize native advertising. Native ads don’t feel like a promotional content so they won’t be prevented from being displayed. Find out how to use them correctly to improve your campaign in 2016.

These online advertising predictions are an indication that the digital space will continue to grow and amaze our marketing minds.