One Simple Way to Boost Your Branding 

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Does it feel like there’s something lacking in your branding? Do you want more folks to connect to your brand but aren’t exactly sure how to go about doing that? 

Even the best, most successful companies are always looking to improve their brand. 

After all, it’s not like you can “max out” your branding. 

That said, every brand is in flux. 

The most stable, consistent brands can be changed with a blog, a video, a tweet, and so forth. That’s for good or for ill, too. 

If you look up “branding” in the dictionary, you might not find the best definition for “branding,” at least in the context of digital marketing. For that, you want to scroll down a bit to “idioms for brand” which includes “on brand.” 

“In keeping with the distinctive characteristics that establish a recognizable identity for a person, product, or thing.” 

That “recognizable identity” works best when it makes your company look how you want. 

There’s a technique that we often use at our rehab, plastic surgeon and attorney search engine marketing company. 



Start at the End 


When you’re putting something together, think of how it’s going to be received. 

Who do you want listening to it? 

What effect do you want it to have on them? 

Once you’ve clarified that, you can work your way backwards towards what to create. 

To use an example from marketing for some of our personal injury attorneys, start with who we want listening. 

(In this context, “listening” can be synonymous with “targeted.”) 

We want people who have recently been injured and need help. We also want the family and close friends of people who have been injured. 

What effect do we want this to have? 

We want them to see our firm as we are: experts, an authority, who has done very well for our clients. 

The above is very, very “broad strokes,” a “30,000-foot view,” if you will. 

You can get far more specific with it. 

We often do. 

“People who have been injured between the ages of 35 to 55,” and so forth. The ways that you can use digital marketing to target specific groups of people improve almost daily. 



Once You Get That Down Cold 


… Then you can work your way back towards the rest. 

With the above in mind, you can look at all of your options for content. A video explaining exactly how your firm could help someone who’s been injured in an accident involving a big rig. Detailed descriptions of past cases showing your prowess. 

Landing pages showing how you can help longshore workers who may have been injured during the pandemic. 

Each of those can be completely different. Yet, they all point toward the target established above. 

This can be done with any kind of business. 

If you go the other way, you can find yourself flailing. 

You may just end up saying good things about a product or service. That’s much more “scattershot,” and may not really help your branding. 

The best brands aren’t developed in a day. But they are developed carefully. 

For help with this and anything else related to growing your business, you can reach us at (888) 477-9540.