On-Site SEO Tweaks To Improve Ranking


For any business, website optimization is vital to rank high in search engines. One of the benefits of having high search ranking is that it increases brand awareness and exposure, thereby, contributing to the company’s bottom-line. When your site has a high ranking, more people can see your name, and they become more familiar with it. But how can you improve your site ranking? In this post, let’s tackle on-site SEO tweaks to improve ranking.

Publish unique content

No one can’t underestimate the importance of having quality content for SEO. Unique content ranks better in search engines. That said, make sure that you only create long, unique content for your readers.

Use keywords properly

Keywords can help in boosting your search engine ranking. But you need to place them appropriately. That is, your target keyword has to be in the URL, title tag, page title, and page content. You can also use SEO analysis tool to find out if those parameters are optimal.

Take advantage of LSI keywords

SEO Tweaks To Improve Ranking

LSI is a method used to determine the concepts in the content. Google likes rankings pages that utilize LSI keywords. But you need to scatter them over a page content. An LSI keyword generator can also help in creating a list of synonyms for your target keyword.

Opt for a mobile-friendly site

Mobile-friendliness is an SEO factor that started two years ago when Google included it its algorithm. One of the vital aspects of it is a responsive design. Its primary requirement is to ensure that site’s content has to adapt to the width of the screen. In this way, it improves the browsing experience of visitors who are using mobile and tablet devices.

Make URL SEO-friendly

URL must include the target keywords. The placement must be closer to the domain name. Plus, its length must be short. The good thing is that most CMS programs support SEO-friendly URLs.

Utilize the benefits of internal linking

Internal linking is a strategy that offers tons of benefits for your SEO effort. For one, it allows spiders to index your site. It also enhances user experience when finding content while visiting your site. If you link a good ranking page to another page, this other page will enjoy better ranking.

Speed up site

Make sure your site loads faster as speed is also a ranking factor. But not only that. Speed positively affects user experience. Don’t allow your visitors to wait for 3 seconds for your site to load. If you need help in improving your site’s ranking and speed, consult with our SEO experts at (213) 322-0770.