Off page SEO strategies

Are you trying to get your site rank in search engines? One of the strategies you have is off-page SEO. Obviously, this means there is on-page SEO. Here, we will narrow down to the off-page option and some of the strategies you have at your disposal for your off-page SEO campaign. Here we will ten of them. While it is understandable that ten is not exhaustive, it is undeniable that it is a good place to start in your off-page SEO campaign. These strategies will help raise the rank of your site and in any case, isn’t that not what you are looking for?

The first is social networking. The social platform is an indispensable aspect of today’s online work. There is a rich pool of potential users and customers that you can simply ignore. This is the first strategy for your off-page SEO. All you need are social networking tools, place them on your site/page and let your online community spread the word on your site for you.


Second in line is blogging. While blogging might be an off-the-main course thing, it works miracles. Blogging allows you to run your own show by providing tips and tricks while allowing persons take a peek at your business site. This way, you are able to control the show and at the same time, improve on the prominence and traffic to your business site.

The third is social bookmarking. To utilize this strategy, you need to work with sites like Bing and similar websites. These sites help to propel your site to high ranks.

Fourth is link baiting. Do you know that by sharing other links, possibly those that you source your content from; they are also more likely to link back to you? Well, this is a strategy you can try and by the end of the day, you increase your site prominence.

Fifth is photo sharing. As the saying goes, a picture says 1000 words. Share your photos with some of the major photo sites like Flickr, Picasa, or even Pinterest. These sites will help to increase the visibility of your site, as there will be a link on the site pointing to your site.

The sixth is video. Video is one of the loved things. A simple but interesting video that anyone can follow will help to drive traffic to your site.

Seventh is press releases. The most recent news on the trending issues will attract traffic to your site.

In the eighth position answer. This off-page strategy requires you to provide answers for some of the issues tumbling people.

Ninth is document sharing. This is possible on such sites as Google docs. Note, by sharing on Google and you are seeking a high rank in Google makes sense, right?

Finally yet importantly, articles. Even though this strategy might be cumbersome, it drives the results. Some of the sites you can post your articles include Ezine, Go articles…etc.

When adopting the above strategies you need to know one thing, the result won’t be overnight. Therefore, you need some patience.